Corporate Urchin: Finals At Tennin 1.0

yokhen 33

Welcome to Tennin Institute, where all fun things happen and progress is always expected!

~~~News this week~~~

Final exams are just around the corner (a weird institute indeed), and teachers and students alike are running around (or rather sleeping at the library) preparing for them. Staff like Ms. Tori Hanzo and, Mr. Jackson Howard and the guys from Zaibatsu Loyalty are working very hard to get the maximum efficiency out of our running students. The attendance of several celebrities and the currently existing hedge funds have incremented the influx of money to the school, but with that comes a great responsibility of quality.

Because of this, our dear Chairman Hiro, has taken the liberty to make a pre-finals speech, declaring that the school, at the golden age it is, it must doubly ensure the quality of their education, but most importantly that of their exams. Following that statement he expressed that "as a result [of harder exams] they will be extra hard than previous years, but do not let this discourage our students, for vacations are also around the corner."

So that's it students! Do not let it get to your head, or your brain might get damaged! But be sure to eat properly too, or your health might be hurt too! Keep strong, and though probabilities say that only 1 out of 4 students will make it through, be sure to persevere the following year. After leaving the clinic, you will surely make it through!

Jokes aside, I love this deck.

I've modified the previous archetype to my preference, thus making it my own updated version, and working a lot better, methinks.

As you may know, it is meant to kill (through meat or net/brain damage or a combination of both/the-three) the runner instead of scoring agendas other than House of Knives. Though not very apparent, for the advanced player it's fairly easy to make all sort of traps for the runner to fall into, and the good part is that you only need the runner to fall once to get 1 brain damage so that you can activate Chairman Hiro (or 3 brain damage without it) and have a sure victory with your 3 neural EMPs (disregarding any sort of mistake made by the runner). Would the runner happen to be very careful, there is still your advansable sentries, and Cerebral Cast, which help the purpose of Scorched Earth. Because of all that, this deck is highly mortal.

One important change I made was taking Ice Walls out and replacing almost all of them for shadow, reason being the release of Quetzal, which completely ruins the game for Ice Walls. In their place I've introduced Sensei and other damage-dealing anti-yog (and some even anti-parasite) ice, which were lacking from the previous version.

The only thing this deck is really vulnerable to (and doesn't even try to avoid it) is milling done by noise or keyhole, so watch out for it with the help of jackie. Another thing it is vulnerable to is second or later plays, its most important element being surprise; from the identity being Tennin the runner will suspect the existence of Trick of Light in this deck, giving a different impression. Thus, after the first play, the real plan is pretty much already known and more easily fought. Cautious players are great prey to this deck, however smart and lucky naive newbies might have a chance at it.

I've been debating over whether to increase the number of cards or not.

I am still looking for feedback and suggestions, so make sure to write me a love letter with your thoughts!

4 Jan 2015 Irishmike

I'm going to try this, I like the idea!

6 Jan 2015 hi_impact

Tori Hanzo is a very expensive lady and I'm not sure in Celebrity Gift and Hedge Fund are enough to fund everything here.

6 Jan 2015 yokhen

You are quite right. However I'd rather say Snare is the most expensive thing in the deck, most of the times the runner will only run when you are unprepared for it (less than 4 credits, which here might happen) and if you are, it does 3 net damage and a tag, which the runner can always recover from. The good news is that since this deck is always waiting for the runner to run, you can always click for credits, making up for the bad econ. I've been testing this deck and a 54 cards deck version of it a lot, and made a lot of adjustments, and kind of went back to the roots of the deck this is inspire from. It has yielded way-WAY more wins. Make sure to check it out!

7 Jan 2015 gawbo005

Actually Tori is more expensive to get out the single brain damage. it costs three to rez 2 to deal the brain damage. it wants a lot of money over the course of the game. It is also a lot harder to damage the runner when she is already rezed. In my experience they usually avoid the server after that.

7 Jan 2015 yokhen

Technically speaking, yes, she is more expensive, but the damage is permanent, unlike snare, thus the semantic cost is a lot higher. And while they avoid that server I set up the same game for the other servers, so by the end of the game only so many runs are needed before their hand size is down to 3 or 2 permanently.

7 Jan 2015 yokhen

^and that's worked specially well in the newest (which is a slight variation of the oldest) version.

14 Jun 2015 funnyways3

Love this! Thanks for keeping the theme going as well :) I'm working on a Cybernetics Division deck that pretty much is an ad campaign AGAINST the Tennin Institute because all of the Tennin graduates they've been hiring just aren't right (thus the one "brain damage" it starts with). Definitely plays it a lot safer I see with the 3 Jacksons. Granted this is old and I see another derivative of this deck, glad to see it inspired others!