NEXTerior Design (My first HB deck)

WayneMcPain 413

My first time building an HB deck. I only have C&C and Opening Moves so my options were a bit more limited (Would have loved to have Eli or Eve Campaign) I took a bit of inspiration from "Red Coats" by Nordrunner, only with NEXT hopefully I can Ice up my central servers fast, get an economic lead and try a slower Fast Advance strategy. This is only my second time deck building for corp so I'm open to any suggestions for edits. :) Hope it kills!

5 Jan 2015 whuppo

whats poppin young playa

cut the shadows. you dont need them. there is no reason to put in a single NEXT Bronze also. 3x Viktor 2.0 is too much. cut 1.

a second Rototurret and overall more sentries would benefit you.

5 Jan 2015 Srobb
  • NEXT ice is only any good if you have a lot of it. Probably hold off on using it until you get NEXT Silver too; it's just not strong or reliable enough if there's only three pieces of it in your deck.

  • If you want to Fast Advance, you really need agendas that only need 3 advancements, so you can use Biotic Labor or SanSan City Grid to install and score in the same turn. The 4 and 5 advancement agendas you've got don't work for fast advance. You could try Gila Hands Arcology or Director Haas' Pet Project, but you want 3/2 agendas more than anything. Maybe try a slower glacier deck until you have more support for fast advance?

  • You have Shadow here, which tags the runner, but you have no particular way to punish tags. It's good to trash resources with them, but you can probably do better. Trade the Shadows for more Ichi 1.0 or Rototurrets... maybe even a Neural Katana? Trading out some code gates for them could help too.

  • Cerebral Overwriter is a nice trap, but brain damage is best used to reduce the "maximum health" of the runner to make a flatline easier later. You'll never flatline with brain damage alone, so it's only an inconvenience at best without lots of other damage in the deck. Trade out the Overwriter for another Aggressive Secretary if you want to keep the traps.

5 Jan 2015 WayneMcPain

Yeah, the NEXT can go. I just included it as an early game ice, but I guess it would be pretty worthless later.

I guess I'm not really going for fast advance necessarily. I'm still new to deckbuilding (and the game) so I may not have the focus of the deck firmly established yet. The things I like are getting ice out fast and hopefully draining the runner of clicks and credits so I can advance. I'm sure there is a lot that needs to be done to fine tune this thing. But also, I only have the one expansion and one data pack so a lot of the better suited cards I don't have available.

I put the Shadows in for two reasons: 1 - I don't have much cheap sentry ice to choose from, especially with only 12 influence to spend. 2 - I wanted to try and gain a little extra economy with my early ice since I'm not using EtF, Eve campaign or Melange. I realise I don't have much to use to take advantage of the tags, but I mainly included Shadow for the extra money early on and if the runner is tagged, well that's just an added bonus. Also, if he doesn't know that I'm not running Scorched Earth, it'll at least make him nervous or spend the cash and click to get rid of the tags, right? (I realise that would only really work once and once he sees the other influence he'll know. Again, I'm still really new to this, so any help is appreciated)

Brain damage is more than just inconvenient right? I know I'm not running a flatline or pure brain damage deck, but if he gets one from Cerebral Overwriter and then maybe one from Heimdall or Viktor, that's worth it right? Or is it still better to have Aggresive Secretary for what I'm doing here? (Or to just drop ambushes all together?)

Thanks for your help all. :)

6 Jan 2015 whuppo

let all your "hopes" and "maybe's" go and listen to the guy posted above you. shadow is the most terrible economic help there is, so better put in some real economy.

you'll soon learn a lot about netrunner. so did we.