Sage Kate v.1

Ahzrab 3

Heavily Hardware based to maximize the Sage potential, which works great with Kate's ability. E3 + Sage for cost efficency, also nice for click based ICE. Creeper for senty and max memory.

Feedback + Placrete for the usual damage builds.

5 Jan 2015 pants on head

A couple things. One, since you're already running Dyson Mem Chip giving you +1 link, why not Underworld Contact over Daily Casts? Also, Blue Sun: Powering the Future could potentially give you some problems with Curtain Wall requiring a Sageasaurus PLUS 4 out of your 5 mem chips to be able to break, and Hadrian's Wall could also cause problems if they advance it up.

My suggestion is to cut influence (probably in Lucky Find) to make room for a singleton D4v1d, which gives you another search target for Self-modifying Code, combos very well with the e3 Feedback Implants you are already running, and gives you some more mileage out of your Clone Chips.

Also, if you run D4v1d, you could probably cut the 2 Akamatsu Mem Chip, as Sage plus Dinosaurus plus seeing one of your Dyson Mem Chips puts Sage at strength 7, which is enough to handle 99% of things that come up, with D4v1d there to fill in the gaps if you need it (Curtain Wall, Hadrian's Wall, Archer, etc.).

I do really like this deck idea, as I've been playing around with e3 Sageasaurus a bit myself as well, and it's a lot of fun,

5 Jan 2015 Ahzrab

Thanks man, appreciate the suggestions and will try out an updated version

5 Jan 2015 sruman

D4v1d is a good idea and if you go that way I would look at Scavenge for 2 reasons -- most importantly recur D4v1d but, also important, be able to scavenge the Sage onto the Dinosaurus if can't find early.

Without a D4v1d, what are the 2 clone chips for? It would seem better to just have 1 for the "just in case" scenario and get deck space.