Homeless Kasparov v4

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This is a combo deck based around 3 cards, Pawn, Scheherazade and Deep Red. Please read about the strategy and combo here: http://netrunomicon.com/b003/

I've replaced Kati with Aesops and I need clicks rather than pure money, and Æsop combos great with both Armitage, Daily Casts and even the leftover SMC or first pawn you play on your Scheherazade.

I'm using Imp, in order to somewhat counter combo, Asset and Fast Advance decks, as initial Sansans or full HQ with Operations is difficult to crack. The Imp further combos with Æsop, Scavenge and Scheherazade which is also very nice. Imp is definitelly the champion of the deck.

This deck can catch a lot of people unprepared, especially with Sneakdoor or Escher surprises. Use your indexings as finishers if possible.

Try to get one Æsop or Sheherazade in your starting hand. Mulligan if you have to. Those two are your main economy in the game.

This deck in action: http://youtu.be/9wWajZ-y28k

6 Jan 2015 BJester

Doesn't Blue Sun just roll over your face? Shutting down your pawns, and you have no real answer for OAI curtain walls/Hadrians

6 Jan 2015 Dydra

I imagine it is good against NEH since they rarely go more than 2 layers of ICE :) However, indeed Blue Sun seems to be a bad bad match up for this deck trashing all your 3 pawns with ease

6 Jan 2015 db0

Deck does not rely on pawns and can easily work without them, by merely using them as extra sure gambles. Yes it's more efficient when I can use them of course and blue sun is definitely going to be more challenging, but I wouldn't think it crushes the deck.

6 Jan 2015 locusshifter

I love playing with 'Zade. Had you considered a third one? Since you switched to Aesop you can install kill a Zade and install the next one.

6 Jan 2015 locusshifter

Sorry about that extra "install" before "kill". I wish I had a small window to edit, or better proofreading. :)

6 Jan 2015 Pinkwarrior

@BJester Actually i would think you could play around Blue Sun, as long as you leave them on Unrese'd ICE their safe and the Sneakdoor can be used to force them to ICE archive.

This all said am not really a fan of the exile chess deck's my self i've always been of the school of just taking Desperado and John Masanori not exactly the same thing i know but alot quicker to set up.

6 Jan 2015 db0

You'd be surprised of how quick I can set this up ;)

6 Jan 2015 db0

@locusshifter I do that when I got an empty Shehe and one in hand, but that's not common.

6 Jan 2015 Pinkwarrior

@db0 Have you thought about Trade-In am not sure how viable it will be but it means if you pick up a second Deep Red you can trade it for the Dyson or a Clone chip then install the new deep red.

7 Jan 2015 moistloaf

was hoping for a decklist on this update after your stimhack post

7 Jan 2015 db0

Not really worth the slot for this I suspect. Once the combo gets going, I have so much card draw that I find that stuff anyway.

7 Jan 2015 Alsciende

@db0 Isn't calling Aesop "Æsop" a bit pedantic ? :-P

7 Jan 2015 db0

Heh, I just a autoreplace script running which repairs common typos as I type and it likes to automatically change "AE" into "Æ" and I can't be bothered to prevent it ;)

7 Jan 2015 locusshifter

@db0 Yeah, and what would you take out anyway, right?

How's your win rate? (simply curious) What is your toughest matchup?

7 Jan 2015 db0

Win rate is difficult to tell. In the last BGG league I was almost undefeated and came second, but I only played 12 games with it or so I think. Toughest matchup is prolly Blue Sun, but not absolutely sure.

7 Jan 2015 RumpleForeskin

I'm curious about the lack of multi-access. Have you thought about trading 1 or both indexing for the maker's eye?

7 Jan 2015 db0

Usually I don't mind running twice anyway, since my pawns recover the costs.