Whizzard : Blood Magic

ncaron 105

This deck has been built with an NEH and RP heavy meta in mind. The goal of this deck is to make a lot of efficient runs to feed #Hemorrhage and force the corp to trash important assets, ice or combo pieces.

Doppleganger combos nicely with Hemorrhage and Security Testing. Combined with Whizzard's ability, you can clear remotes as fast as the corp can drop them forcing him to defend key assets further spreading his defenses.

The breaker suite is versatile and meant to be adapted to the type of defense the corp drops. With diesel, inject and Earthrise Hotel, you get plenty of draw and Deja Vu and Retrieval Run allows you to recur discarded breakers.

Best matchups are against typical NEH fast advance decks and RP. Worst mathcup is probably against HB glacier.

I love how this deck works but feel it still has rooms for improvement... any ideas?

7 Jan 2015 moistloaf

I would cut to 2 Liberated, and replace the double Diesel with double Clone Chip. It synergizes well with Inject, and Inject + Earthrise is a decent draw suite. I would also be wary of Retrieval Run; it can often be dead. Too often, IMO. Archives will get ICEd fast after SecTest is down.

7 Jan 2015 ncaron

Interesting idea. You're right that Retrieval Run ends up sticking in my hand most of the time. That said, I'm not sure I need the extra recursion of Clone Chip Maybe replace them with Parasite or Imp ?

You're right that with Earthrise Hotel and Inject there is already a lot of draw, but this deck really needs to set up quickly and I am hesitant to remove Diesel. Will play around with it a bit more to see.

13 Jan 2015 ncaron

Removing Retrieval Run and adding 2 Parasite As you stated, Retrieval Run is pretty much always a dead draw and #parasite helps against a lot of small taxing ice.

13 Jan 2015 ncaron

Updated version of the deck netrunnerdb.com