Raxen's Defensive Nasir 2.1

Raxen 1

Hey Everyone... Here is my first real tournament deck. Could really use some constructive criticism. (Please note that my actual decks are limited to core, First Data Cycle, and Creation and Control. With Nasir being loaned from a friend... hope to expand so suggestions for replacement cards is also welcome... and I know I need order of sol)

This deck is designed to be both offensive and defensive and work against most other decks. I have had okay success, but I attribute losses more to my play ability than the deck. It is a little bloated, but i keep the extra cards there for possibility. I figure that the number of ways to pull cards that I need and want makes up for the bloat. But a two percent difference in card draw probability is worth it in my opinion.

Overall intent is to create a big economy for Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer. Early game is run fast and run often to try and establish hardware and determine what ice breakers you need to install, taking advantage of unrezzed ice. Then pull ice breakers with test run for mid game, and then destroy with full rig in late game. As well the deck is designed to maximize the utility of Personal Workshop.

Econ is as follows: Draw with Professional Contacts and Install with Personal Workshop. If not two worried about brain damage or hand size take the Stim and reduce the cards installed. Magnum provides late game running power. Along with Cyberfeeder and The Toolbox to provide the ability to consistently run. If you don't get either Magnum, ProCo, or PerWS in initial hand you are really crippled. The saving grace is Underworld Contacts, though these are not always used. But it just feels wrong to have that much and not try and get the recurring credits.

For Defense, you have the usual Plascrete Carapace and I have included large amounts of to reduce the likelihood of taking tags and getting obliterated because of tags, also prevents destruction of economy. Rabbit hole though expensive, provides 3 right away which is a pretty big deterrent for anyone running source SEA Source or other cards. Dyson Mem Chip rounds it out and gives room for other programs.

Between Dyson, Toolbox, and Djinn, there is lots of room for the entire rig. Djinn I use for both holding Datasucker, and for pulling out the one Parasite. If obtained early, can be used to pull Crypsis for ice breaking lite. or to deal with larger ice if datasucker is not available.

For Ice we have the highest efficiency ice the influence would allow. Switched for Snowball instead of Corroder based on influence. For big ice we have Femme Fatale, or crypsis. As well, to remove the issue, Parasite can be employed and recovered with either Clone Chip (the preferred method), or Test Run. Test run can also be employed to bring any required ice out, including econ if you end up without early on.

Diesel helps with pulling cards quickly, and accents both ProCo, and Test Run. And Replicator helps you get more of what you need.

Feel like I'm stating the obvious here. Have considered a Deus X against Jinteki... but didn't know what to take out.

Thanks for the help.

7 Jan 2015 CJFM

It's a start! So, Djinn is odd for Nasir, it's also very slow. It is decent with Order (when you get it), but I feel you'd have to include more than one. You need SMCs (which are in Creation and Control). Nasir needs them more than any other Shaper.

I like Rabbit Hole and Underworld Contacts, since you can host one then install the rest from hand (if you have the cash). Not a fan of Pro Contacts in Nasir, personally, but you do need more economy (Armitage Codebusting is better for a deck like this). You don't need all 3 Test Runs, 2 is ok (it's expensive. You have to consider how many times per game you can realistically play expensive cards). You probably have too many Dyson Mem Chips. Think about how much MU you'll use with all your essential programs out, then build to that (or just above) that MU.

Replicator is okay, I guess. I'd personally rather have more economy. The Crypses can become Sharpshooter (when you get True Colors) and Deus X. I'm not a fan of Crypsis in Nasir decks because they're too expensive for him. Atman is better with Stimhack and Cyberfeeder, anyway (and is in Creation and Control).

So those are some of my preliminary thoughts. I think it's getting there, so keep at it!