The Nisei Uncertainty Principle v2.0

Shockeh 751

Initial Premise: Jinteki Shell PE is a good deck.

Question: Can I make Shell PE work using Nisei as Economy, and counter the loss of PE damage from Agendas with Nisei Psijunk swung by RSVP meaning they can't spend (This has more ramifications than you'd think; For example, now they can't pay for FF if they run into a Psychic Field, or win a Psigame, or prevent OR steal a Fetal AI) in place of Eli 1.0?

Theory: This atrocious concept of a deck!

Answer: Probably not, especially as RSVP being two influence means you can't fit in the 2nd Sweep without ditching a Jackson, but it'll be fun to try.

First attempt, so plenty of time to fiddle with it, but I thought it was an entertaining thought experiment, suggestions* welcomed.

*Okay, the obvious suggestion of 'This is a terrible idea, stop' isn't that welcomed. You get the idea.

7 Jan 2015 Shockeh

Other considered cards:

  • Insert your favourite argument over why the Neural Katana should be a Mamba here.
  • I also tried it with Cerebral Cast, but unless the threat of Scorched is very real, people just take the Tag.
  • I wanted to fit False Lead in, but can't seem to find the Agenda space.
  • There's probably an argument for ditching the Subliminal Messaging for something more aggressive, I'm a big fan of Cerebral Static as more and more people rely on their ID card.