SlySquids Provoke2Purge My spin

Talism 80

So this is my take on Slys version of Provoke the purge, changed it up a bit, with all the one off viruses, djinn i think can help you get them in a pinch and can help with the Mem issues, (although thinking about it, Progenitor does that as well)

still you could go the Djinn tree,

djinn-> progenitor ->hivemind, progenitor ->darwin , progenitor ->medium, or chakana or nothing as shut down protection ,self mod ,djinn ->add virus here, or self mod :P

(oh and watch out for program trashing :P)

i added in incubators as they sort of forfill the same role as a virus breeding ground but you dont loose the click each turn for pretty much the same effect, or doubling up with virus breeding ground,

hmm although you could add in data folding 3x, for permanent +1 -3 credits a turn, with the same install cost of daily casts, so you can do virus breeding ground.

9 Jan 2015 SlySquid

This seems great! I can't wait to play these decks!!! =)