Reina's On The Storm

Aogu 38

Reina's on the Storm:

Darwin's on the storm

Kraken's on the storm

Vamp into HQ

Pheromones helps you too

Keyhole pressure R&D

Sneakdoor Beta works for me

Kati's on the storm


There's a D4v1d made of code

His e3's help you blow your load

Take a Long Holiday

Let your Para's play

If you give this Djinn a try

Sweet memory won't fry

Surging yet more code, yeah


Girl, you gotta love your hand

Girl, you gotta love your hand

Déjà Vu when you're canned

Sure Gamble on demand

We have a single Femme

Cyberfeeders never end

Grimoire's sure to land, yeah

Basically deep sea creatures, Darwin, Kraken, pheromones. The tools needed for that. A kit to help maintain pressure across all servers along with some ice destitution.

Suggestions welcome :D

10 Jan 2015 Swiftly

Lamprey for more Sea theme?

10 Jan 2015 Aogu

I'm not sure Lampreys live in the sea? Or at least not "deep sea". I'm sure a Noise version of the deck would benefit form that though :D

23 Apr 2015 bcavalier

I freaking love this! We gotta keep the whole terrible to play, but amazing theme deck going. Especially if you can tie a song to it ...