Timmy is an Evil Genius

sirris 616

Timmy, I stole your deck. Now it's my turn to wreck face.

11 Jan 2015 tmoiynmwg


11 Jan 2015 Dydra

No Hostile Infrastructure with a deck that has 6 pieces of ICE?

11 Jan 2015 sirris

@Dydra Hostile Infrastructure is one of a number of cards that I've rotated around, along with Hokusai Grid, Chairman Hiro, and Zaibatsu Loyalty. I think it might be worth swapping out Thomas Haas for HI for better Siphon Defense and using the influence for a second Architect.

12 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

Hope your opponent doesn't play indexing :/

12 Jan 2015 bcavalier

Maybe throw in Executive Boot Camp? Could be really awesome in a Asset deck, and allow you to run a couple more singletons.

12 Jan 2015 locusshifter

@ItJustGotRielle Or Keyhole for that matter. Those two cards wreck Jinteki under normal circumstances.

12 Jan 2015 sirris

@bcavalier Timmy's deck actually ran 2 Executive Boot Camp and a Sealed Vault. It's really the better list.

@ItJustGotRielle I'm not really scared of Indexing. I see it run less these days in favor of The Maker's Eye and R&D Interface since getting into R&D multiple times can be tough against corps right now. Keyhole is more worrisome.

12 Jan 2015 sruman

Given, what I think, will be an influx of steelskin into the meta, do people think this deck will be significantly weakened?

13 Jan 2015 Shulmey

Eater will be worse than Steelskin. Flipping up all the cards in Archives but not accessing them...

13 Jan 2015 sruman

That's a good point about Eater. Another question from people who've played this deck -- how are scoring agendas generally. In the two games I've tried it was pretty challenging. Barring Mushin-ing a snare or something there's only 2 advancable things to punish a runner ( Thomas Haas will make them use a click but ... ). Ronin can fake an agenda, but that just gives them more incentive With 8 agendas, the "traps" come up 1/2 as much as agendas so hand clogs up. Not that runner knows this but they can figure out from R&D roughly that. Just curious how people are doing it -- just drop everything advance and put 2 on it? Something I'm missing? Win most time by flatline?