NEXT King of England v4

magikot 1975

This is the latest version of this deck that I have been playing on OCTGN and brought to the Crossroads Games store championship today (1/11/15). I did not make it to top 8, but I was happy with the way this deck performed in 4 out of the 5 match ups.


With only 7 agendas in the deck each had to pull its own weight. Executive Retreat is one of the strongest additions to this deck. The ability to sit back and place power counters on IT Department or getting credits is powerful. NAPD protects itself while Utopia Fragment protects the rest of the agendas by effectively turning them all into NAPD. Eden Fragment lets you build your ice forts while Hades helps recursion.


Adonis helps to boost the economy and plays very well with Hades and Architect. Ash protects the tireless workers of the IT Department who are the real work horse of this deck. Several times I was able to stock over 6 tokens on ITD to keep strong runners out of servers and provide scoring windows. Jackson is Jackson.


Hedge fund and Successful Demonstration. The addition of ITD makes for many more unsuccessful runs thereby allowing me to get more Successful Demonstrations to fire.


The ice centers on the Grail suite. These are already naturally taxing ice and the addition of ITD makes them even better. I've been able to triple Lancelot to wipe rigs and have 20 strength Merlins and Galahads. Architect helps to recur Adonis for more economy while also protecting your agendas from R&D digs. I really like putting one of the two Excaliburs on archives. I find doing this early will really screw up the plans of players that are looking for easy Dirty Laundry runs and Datasucker tokens and therefore has the ability to open up an early scoring window.

Possible future changes

3 Architects are a bit much. I am considering taking one out for a punishing bioroid ice like Victor 2.0 or Ichi 2.0. There are many times when I spend my whole turn clicking for credits so I may go back to using Melange over Adonis in the near future. More testing with this current version is needed before coming to a decision.

12 Jan 2015 cmcadvanced

I just played a game with this deck, and I would have had perfect, unerring victory had my elis been quandarys, or walls of static. anything else, really would have been better than clickable eli. The architects are nice for jackson stuff, you're gaining a lot of speed allowing architect to trigger a bunch, if the runner has no breakers to deal with r&d ice. I'm about to tryout an eli less deck.

13 Jan 2015 falseidol

Eli's certainly are much more porous as the only bioroids, however, they're extreme cost effectiveness compounded by NEXT and Grail ICE that take a couple turns before become real problems, I think there is something to be said for Eli, since any game the runner has their decoder or fracter available are going to mow through whatever ETR you put in Eli's place.

13 Jan 2015 Myriad

I like this deck a lot, but I made a few changes to beef it up in my meta.

  1. +3 ABTs, -2 Executive Retreat: You are running so many ice, you will hit way more often than this than you won't. It will make you money in terms of installs and rezes. I dig this card so much, and it only raises your agenda density by 1 (at least in my build).

  2. +2 Paper Wall, -3 Eli: I dropped Eli and added two paper walls. Its nice to just have something for the early game, where I am usually scrambling for cash. This has helped me get IT department online earlier a bit more frequently. Going to test it more though. I am not so sure about this change, but I know I am going to kick Eli out for something soon. The porous nature of Eli doesn't suit the build with IT department.

  3. +1 Guard -2 Roto, -1 Architect - I had to add a singleton of this and its money. I dropped a rototurret. I also dropped a single architect for a Mother Goddess to buff up the NEXT ICE and to have something that is almost impenetrable early game.

  4. -1 Jackson and +1 EBC - Not sure on this one. But I like having my cake and eating it too.

  5. +2 Private Contracts, -1 Successful Demonstrations : The number of times I have had to click for creds in this deck is unreal. Private Contracts has been nice to alleviate the need for clicking for cash. I MIGHT replace these with either EVE or PAD, not sure.

14 Jan 2015 magikot

@cmcadvanced I agree that Eli can be a liability in this deck. The one match I wasn't happy with this deck's performance was against Quetzal with e3. Breaking Eli for only a credit or a click was crippling to me. What did you put in its place? Quandary? Guard? Wall of Static? Something else? How did it turn out?

@Myriad In addition to my comments on facebook, how often has the singleton of Guard and Mother Goddess appeared in the early game? I tried a singleton Mother Goddess on OCTGN but in 20 games I never once drew it. Guard is one that I am leaning towards replacing Eli with.

14 Jan 2015 vor_lord

@magikot What is your identity bringing to the table here compared to The Foundry: Refining the Process ? NEXT Design: Guarding the Net I've always thought of using a rush strategy, and this deck doesn't seem to be targeting that, as you need to sit back and set up your ice and IT Department.

I like the idea of The Foundry: Refining the Process doubling up your Lancelot and Merlin on the fly with Grail.

14 Jan 2015 vor_lord

@magikot or maybe you are using NEXT Design: Guarding the Net to quickly get IT Dept. up and running?

14 Jan 2015 Myriad

@bw with the current build of it, the rush aspect is a bit lacking. I really enjoy it with ABTs, so that you can threaten to try to hit that ABT nice and early. But mainly, you use NEXT to get IT up early. Once IT is up with grail you own the game. Only a few cards can get around this build.

@magikot as a singleton, guard has come up a surprising number of times. I typically will draw one or the other within the first 4 turns. Mother goddess is there more for the late game anyway (an extra NEXT ice), but early game she is still great.

14 Jan 2015 magikot

@bw Rushing out IT Deptartment and getting it built up early is the goal as Myriad said. Get ITD built up, secure a scoring server and then score the 5/3 agendas. If you want to push it more to an agenda rush -1 Executive Retreat +2 ABT, or -2 Executive Retreat +3 ABT would work. The deck isn't designed to work well with more than 8 agendas.

15 Jan 2015 Myriad

Took the deck to a league finals tonight and I had a really tough time of it. It went 1-2. Lost to a Noise Mill deck and a Gabe Deck. The game I did win was against a Ken deck, although the game did nearly go to time

The biggest problems I have had with it are economy pure and simple. I think you might be onto something about Melange. Even getting two melanges off would set me up for most of the game. I tried PADs tonight to really poor effect.

Going to try Melanges... although I fear that it won't work so well with IT department. I really wish I could cram some burst economy into this deck.

16 Jan 2015 magikot

Since you're running the 3 ABTs, Peak Efficiency will be a good burst choice. Clicking for credits is the biggest issue this deck has.

A suggestion would be go down to 22 ice, up to 3 Adonis, 2-3 Eve, 3 Hedge, 2-3 Peak. 0-2 Melange, 0-2 Successful.