Fiery Lightning - Fast-Ad the Jinteki Way

Bananifier 373

The Game Plan

Mulligan for a Shadow/Ice Wall. ICE HQ and R&D hard, and put a small thing on archive if needed. You should not need a remote server. Play your Daily Business Shows naked, except against criminals - you don't want them to have an easy time with Desperado+Security Testing. In short, play it like it is: the bastard son of a Tennin-style glacier and a Hobo TWIY. You don't have the Astro-train, but you only need 6 points - easy enough.


Is there one? The deck is siphon-proof and can score with 2 creds once an advanceable ice is loaded. You can always intern back your ices if they get parasited down to death. Your only expensive ice is Tsurugi, and it's mainly there so that you can keep a shred of self-respect when playing it. It's a Jinteki deck for god's sake.

How boring is it?

Do I really have to answer that? At least it's not Astrobiotics (but its pretty close)...

I intend to play a version of this deck (that or a TWIY-flavoured one) during a tournament this weekend. Comments welcome!

13 Jan 2015 AwkwardPizza

Chum seems out of place since it's positional ice and you only have 15 pieces of them, plus you don't threaten flatline, which smart runners will figure out. I think it could be replaced with more Quandaries or Enigmas.

If you can fit them in, more Fast Tracks and Celebrity Gifts could be good. Can't think of what to cut for them though... maybe Plan B? It's kind of situational since it only really works with Mushin No Shin and a 3 advancement agenda.

Otherwise seems like great deck. I'll definitely try this out sometime.

13 Jan 2015 Bananifier

I'm glad someone appreciates this deck! There are quite a few versions of this kind of Fast-Ad around, if you're interested (some even play Biotic Labor/SanSan * shiver *).

To detail a little bit my initial choices:

  • Chum is just a way to tax the runner for extremely cheap, and is sligthly bothersome in case the runner relies on Yog. I still have a few days left to test and tweak the deck before saturday.
  • I'll try the version without Mushin No Shin and Plan B and with more Fast Tracks and Celebrity Gifts instead. I initially liked Mushin+Plan B as it can help you score the first Medical Breakthrough (you can Mushin & advance Plan B once to do so).
30 Jan 2015 Twitch

Any update on how this deck performed at the tournament?