2014-2015 Melbourne League Runner#01

#endgame 77

This is the deck I used for rounds one and two of the league. Every two weeks we were paired with two opponents and could change decklists.

This deck is basically The Solution (Worlds 3rd place runner deck) with some minor tweaks:

  • -1 Emergency Shutdown, +1 Legwork: Didn't expect as much big ice and wanted some multi-access.
  • -1 Peacock, +1 Cerberus "Rex" H2: This could probably go either way but I wanted to play the dog.
  • -1 Datasucker, +1 Feedback Filter: Everyone and their dog was seemed to be playing Jinteki in my local area. I really liked FF, but Datasucker was the wrong thing to cut.

The deck won both its games, probably because @tmoiynmwg is a good deckbuilder and it's hard to break a solid list too much.