Free The Magic Number

Pinkwarrior 2294

The Idea of the deck started as looking at how much you can actually get down for zero creds with the exception of The Supplier everything can be put down with no money what so ever thanks ID ability Modded & The Supplier. Also other than Sure Gamble even the events can be played with no money.

The deck is alittle big with no HQ pressure these are things id like to change but am not sure how.

17 Jan 2015 AwkwardPizza

To free up influence, I think Desperado could be swapped out for Astrolabe or no console at all. With that influence you could add a Corroder to replace Snowball and two Legwork/HQ Interface.

I think you were trying to go for a Criminal thing where you run for economy (since you have Datasucker, Desperado, and John Masanori), but I don't think that works too well in this deck. If John gives you a tag, your essential Kati Jones, Suppliers, and Underworld Contacts could be lost. Desperado is eating up a ton of your influence. Datasucker can stay if you want it, but I think the other two pieces can be taken out. To replace that, I'd recommend Magnum Opus or Professional Contracts. You won't need all that much economy anyway, since most of your stuff is cheap.

You have Same Old Thing with zero good targets. You only have 9 events, all of which aren't click efficient when used with Same Old Thing. I'd recommend removing it, especially since you're over 45 cards.

I think you could remove two Suppliers for two Hostages. You have Kati Jones and Underworld Contacts as connections to search for, and it'd reduce your chances of drawing multiples of unique cards. If you do that, you could probably go down to x1 Kati Jones.

Otherwise seems like a great deck. I like the concept of playing everything for free.

17 Jan 2015 Pinkwarrior

@AwkwardPizza Your certainly right about Same Old Thing i had other events earlier in the draft and it seems it just never got taken out.

Am not sure about losing Desperado it's such a good console. Astrolabe could be an idea tho i like the fact i can get it down free with only the ID.

I don't think i want to drop 2 The Supplier for hostage i don't like only have one in the deck and would prefer not to have to search for it i don't mind dropping one tho for the Hostage.

Thanks for the comments it'll certainly help