MaxXed-out VoicePAD

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Scorpi12 108

I can't wait to build this deck for real - it's what I'm most looking forward to in O&C.

Clearly, it's replaced ice-breaking with ice-BREAKING - the usual Parasite/Datasucker combo, plus Eater and Cutlery. It's got the Prepaid VoicePAD event-based economy, which also helps fund the Cutlery runs.

Inside Job is there as an additional piece of Cutlery, in a way - if there's a tricky piece of ice blocking a server and you don't have the right piece of silverware or a spare parasite, this'll get you right past it. Probably only to be used on remotes. Singularity fills a similar role when you just can't kill the ice protecting what you know is a goldmine - or what you suspect might be a trap out in the open, too.

No Wanton Destruction, though I wish I could - if it's discarded due to her ability, it's far less useful with a Same Old Thing. Levy is there for when the deck runs out, if you aren't in a good spot by then. It'll be useful decks packing a lot of ice, I think.

I didn't include Imp. Probably a mistake, but I wanted the focus to be on destroying ice and leaving servers open. I added Steelskin, a form of protection that becomes far less useful towards the end of MaxX's arc, because it can still work once I Levy, and if I ever just need some card draw, combined with Prepaid it's basically just a Diesel. I may already be drawing pretty fast but I see no reason not to draw even faster.

18 Jan 2015 deifius

not only is the synergy and flavor strong(eater + cutlery,lol), but this deck looks like an absolute tempo dominator.

30 Jan 2015 jrp

I think some multi-access would help. Maybe 1 medium 1 nerve agent? You could see them quickly with milling + deja vu.

30 Jan 2015 Scorpi12

@jrp: yeah, it definitely needs some multi-access. I was considering either replacing the Inside Jobs (which are great, cheap alternatives to cutlery in a pinch) with Maker's Eyes, or doing what you suggest. Medium/Nerve Agent work well with Eater but I feel like memory might be a problem down the line.