Aztechnology V1.1

Gygrazok 215

My take on the not-so-popular birdie, with which i managed to win a small local tournament (vs 2 blue sun and 2 neh).

Some notes:

19 Jan 2015 gravity

Similar to my birdie, except I pack legworks and clone chips for Para and Knight recursion. I stopped playing the deck right before Earthrise Hotel, a card that I felt was needed for her to keep up with the corp.

How is the economy working out for you? You seem a bit light on it. Cheers!

19 Jan 2015 Gygrazok

Actually you don't need much money for breaking ice: d4v1d is 3c to install and free to use (although you won't be able to use it everytime, of course), overmind is also cheap expecially if you have a charged datasucker, and quetzal ability also helps a lot. With them you usually should always be able to land a siphon early game in order to get money for the rest of the rig (medium, liberated accounts etc). Of course this is a deck that tries to win early, eventually it will run out programs to break stuff with, and at that point it doesn't matter if you have money or not (late game is probably its greatest weakness)