The Spanish Influenza v3.3 (stable build)

Snake Eyes 4582

A more polished version of The Spanish Influenza - adapted to modern times and modern strategies. I don't anticipate any tweaks will need to be done to this deck until the SanSan Cycle opens up.

The biggest change with this deck is the re-introduction of Crypsis. Grail ICE decks are moderately popular - and not having your full suite out early on can result in the loss of one of your most efficient breakers. Crypsis will also act in a pinch as a catch-all, and is currently the only means in this deck to get passed a remote Lotus Field (outside of trickery like Inside Job, Emergency Shutdown, etc.)

I distanced myself from Cerberus "Rex" H2 after determining that 4 uses of it was not enough. I'd need a 2nd Cerberus "Rex" H2 in this deck to be able to handle the longevity. In a deck here that is based on pounding the centrals, I figured that Passport would be able to do a more reliable job in the long run more often. It is a very efficient breaker as is - albeit with a limitation. Yog.0 is obviously the preferred Decoder, with Datasucker support.

Breach and Corroder are the Fracters in this deck. Breach is more of a backup breaker, with the exception of Blue Sun since it is incredibility efficient against Curtain Wall. It is also great against the Heimdalls, 2.0 requiring a single Datasucker counter to get a 4 break.

Mimic works great against early game sentries, and Switchblade is for once you're developed and have the support cards necessary to run it. It is possible to be running both side-by-side, but odds are you'll want that available for viruses.

Earthrise Hotel is a fantastic addition to this deck for card draw. Compared to Mr. Li it speeds up the game considerably. Compared to John Masanori... ehh.. well this deck likes to be aggressive and face-check lots of ICE. Being slowed down by unwanted tags is counter-intuitive in a speed game - especially as the release of Order and Chaos grows nearer and everybody is going to be playing Weyland, and living in a relatively Scorch heavy meta makes it so that I don't want to voluntarily take tags left right and centre.

In this build, Datasucker becomes much more important to get early on, since there are several awful pieces of ICE that the Corp has available just out of their standard range. Datasucker also supports Switchblade once you're ready to transition from Mimic to Switchblade in the event of stacking sentries.

I've cut down to a single Ghost Runner after going through most of my games not bothering to use any of the credits for actual stealth purposes. It can still come in handy in a pinch, such as if your Silencers are hiding at the back of your deck... But if your Silencers are doing that - you're probably better off just sticking to Mimic and Datasucker - just using the Silencers to support Mimic when they eventually show up.

I may decide to ditch the last Ghost Runner eventually. If I do - I'd probably just add something simple like a 3rd Sure Gamble back into the mix. Gorman Drip is an interesting suggestion as well - though I fear that adding many more viruses will encourages purges more often than I'd like them to be. (I'm super happy with 2-3 purges a game)

Playstyle: Pure HQ Aggression/Credit Denial.

Reserve Ghost Runner credits for stealth breaks. Only 4 stealth support cards for killers here - so getting up to 2 Silencers out shouldn't be expected until midgame. Try to get Datasucker out early, it can alleviate some of the pressure on Silencers by reducing sentry strengths down to zero, meaning that Switchblade can get through for only one stealth each.

Laying down Lamprey the turn after Account Siphoning your opponent to zero is a brutal way of keeping them down - odds are that they'll purge immediately. Use turn build tempo, and wait until the following one to summon your back up Lamprey via Djinn. Odds are the corp will be spending their for 3 .. ready for you to hammer them again down to zero with the evil that Lamprey has to offer.

You can hit all 3 centrals with this deck with a little help from Sneakdoor Beta. If the game is going well, you might choose to forgo playing it just to use Archives as a credit mine with Security Testing, Datasucker, Dirty Laundry and Desperado fueling 6 + 1 virus token runs. This deck lacks the means to punish RnD with great effect, aside from efficient single accesses.

Use Emergency Shutdown with great evil. Best targets would include things like Archer where they had to sac an agenda to get it out, alternates include expensive rezzes, and expensive breaks (ie. Tollbooth)

19 Jan 2015 jawohl

i've seen you playing this one on youtube vs kiv and his IG! That was quite a game!

anyway, thanks for polishing this one, I am with your Spanish Influenza since first edition, and I am wondering if you're truly satisfied with Switchblade? Isn't it better option for Andy? Without parasites, there is no option to take down that taxing-but-low-str sentries.., I don't know. Maybe with Mimic or Crypsis it's a thing, but actually MU is an issue too :C

20 Jan 2015 Snake Eyes

Hey @jawohl! Thanks for the comment!

I was sad that all 3 of my Account Siphons got pinged out of hand right away in that game! The RNG gods smiled favourably on Kiv that day! My strategy against a Trap deck is generally to deprive as many credits as possible, and I just wasn't able to do that. I got plenty of accesses in on RnD - and honestly all I kept seeing was Celebrity Gift after Celebrity Gift after Celebrity Gift - with the occasional Hedge Fund or Neural EMP mixed in for glory. Kiv played that game very well, as he always does. I had a suspicion that that Mushin No Shin at the end was a Cerebral Overwriter - but on the off chance that it was one of the two Ronins he had in hand - it created a must-run situation due to the Neural EMPs that he also had in hand.


I'm pretty satisfied with Switchblade here - In most games I switch over to it eventually. I will admit that it's better as a primary ICEbreaker with Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie, especially if she's doing the full Stealth suite including Refractor and Cloak. In roughly 65-70 games with my Black Swan deck, I lost all of 3 games, and those were all due to Scorched Earth. It's bananas-level good in her when you are going all-in on the Stealth Train. She just gets all of the answers very early on, and doesn't get taxed at all to break anything.

That said though - with Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional, Switchblade is still extremely good. This comparison that we are making here is sorta like saying that Medium is best in Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire - so why would Quetzal: Free Spirit play it?

Taxing but low str sentries are simple to get through with Switchblade. By the time you have your Switchblade out - you likely have a healthy collection of Datasucker tokens. Just reduce the strength of whatever Komainu or whatever you're hitting down to zero, and then your Switchblade can break that piece of ICE for 1 stealth . Or, if the server only has 1 sentry in it, you can probably save your Datasucker counters and just Switchblade through with 2x Silencer s.

I've never really been in a situation where I've needed to keep both Switchblade and Mimic running at the same time due to triple or quadruple stacked sentries - but I suppose that that is something that the Corp is able to do. In a situation like that, I'd probably just rely on Sneakdoor Beta to get into HQ. (unless Archives is also a triple or quadruple stacked sentry server). You just wouldn't be able to keep Crypsis running at the same time in that event - so I'd either keep that in hand, or leave it in my stack.

I have kept both Switchblade and Mimic running at the same time before only when I had plenty of available, so nothing needed to get trashed.

Keep in mind for the issues, that Djinn is a great extra storage place for all of your goodies.

Crypsis honestly only needs to come out if you suspect Grail - or if your opponent is playing Lotus Fields on remotes that you can't otherwise Inside Job or Emergency Shutdown.

24 Feb 2015 jawohl

Eh, I love it. Does good even with post-O&C Corps :)

I did not use Cripis yet, and a Lotus Field on remote is pain in the ass, and sometimes there is no time and opportunity to install Djinn, and then nasty stuff, but it's still so wonderful to play. I love it. Well, I did not play Criminals before, maybe that is just "Gabe", but that Lamprey and pure HQ hate is nuts.

11 Mar 2015 wessig

Long time fan of the spanish influenza decks. My one question was have you thought about dropping nerve agent/last ghost runner for legwork/parasite or legwork/datasucker? do you run nerve agent because it's tutorable with djinn?

17 Mar 2015 Snake Eyes

Honestly I run Nerve Agent because it can combo off of Sneakdoor Beta - Legwork can't. With Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional - you have a lot of incentive for hitting HQ every turn. Cards like Nerve Agent just help that along by getting bigger and bigger as you do it.

A fun play sometimes is to just hit Security Testing on HQ for the 5 credit jump, while getting yourself some virus counters.