Valencia Carver v2.0

Wookiee 88

Trying to make Ice Carver work - the theory here is that I'm making very efficient runs. Between creds from Cyberfeeder and the bad publicity, extra virus counters from Grimoire and Surge, Datasucker tokens, Ice Carver, etc, I'm hoping that I can break through most anything that comes up, and do it cheaply by bringing it in range of either SMC'ed Parasites, Mimic or Yog, or just throw a Knight on it.

I'd love feedback!

20 Jan 2015 wily-odysseus

Why Valencia? The BP alone is certainly nice if the corp can't dump it, but is the loss in consistency really worth it if you don't have other means to leverage it? Shave five cards and this could just as easily be Reina, Whizzard, or Kim.

20 Jan 2015 x3r0h0ur

I'm going to come out and say this...if you're not running 3x blackmail in valencia, you are simply playing wrong.

Sorry to be abrasive, but it is true.

Otherwise, using the recurring credits from the bad pub on CC and SMC is pretty great. I like workshop, but this works about as well, while solving the already exacerbated problem of anarch with 50+ cards.

20 Jan 2015 Wookiee

@wdfulton The BP seemed to fit the efficiency theme (as long as it doesn't get cleared). It also seemed like I'm going to be running a fair amount with this, and getting 1 credit every turn seemed better than an occasional trash. Also, I really want to use her. ;)

@x3r0h0ur I actually don't have Fear and Loathing, so I didn't consider it (both from a "It wasn't on the list" and a "I like to play decks I can build" PoV). However, I think you're right - it's insane not to have it. But what do I cut for it? Toss Dirty Laundry, maybe? I like those a lot, but Blackmail is effectively an econ card too, so it's somewhat of a 1-1 trade....

21 Jan 2015 jeibel

All your economy is focused on efficient running and not on rig building... You still need 10 credit to have all breakers out without everything else, and if you don't have a Sure Gamble in your opening hand you're going to be a sad panda. Daily Cast on turn #1 and Dirty Laundry is a bit of a waste as an Easy Mark. IMHO you need more econ. On the other hand, yes , Ice Carver is bananas ... in the CURRENT meta. (it's a well kept secret) The Orion / Constellation ICE is going to change that I'm afraid. If you can't get the Sucker flowing, another reason to be a sad panda. Cheers

21 Jan 2015 jeibel

Oh no Spooned means Lotus Field is going to be a problem, and your only way to solve it now is knight. Blue Sun is glad to know that. :)

21 Jan 2015 Wookiee

2x knight, 3 Blackmail, 2 Deja Vu and 2 clone chips should be enough to recurse Blue Sun if I have too I think. And if I'm lucky I can Imp it too.

Have to see how it goes.