Exile's e3 Leprechaun

badbones777 15

Basic plan is the usual Exile switching out shenanigans, using Leprechaun to have a good variety of support programs in play, and a combination of e3 and paintbrush to (hopefully) get through tough servers.

So far economy has generally been okay, but really thinking of ditching Wyrm for maybe crypsis as an ai breaker - initially went for wyrm as I reckoned it would be less click intensive than crypsis, and I do like using Wyrm to lower strength for mor efficient breakers, but I'm thinking Crypsis might end up being a better all-round choice for this deck

21 Jan 2015 Pinkwarrior

I like Exile: Streethawk between him and The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge their probably my most played runners.

I hope you don't mind me saying but I think theirs alot of room for improvement here I don't want to shun you away from the ID tho.

The deck doesn't gel well I feel it's trying to do too much you have Stealth Paintbrush with Knight and E3's then freelance program retrieval (and little draw). I feel it needs focusing and trimming down the E3's seem out of place atm as theirs currently 1 card that use's it Knight. You have the Test Run + Scavenge combo and no targets outside of Magnum Opus.

21 Jan 2015 badbones777

Cheers pink!

I was thinking maybe drop Wyrm and a few others and go with Overminds? I think the leprechaun would maybe work a bit better then too - and the e3's might be a bit more relevant then.

Thoughts on this? I was Chaos Theory for about a year or so and have flitted between runners quite regularly as I just don't play them as wellas I do Corp so all advice is welcome :)

21 Jan 2015 badbones777

Having just looked at your Exile deck I can see that you do indeed rate Overmind with him @Pinkwarrior!

Also like your Genomics deck - fun take on the new ID, I rate it myself.

23 Jan 2015 Pinkwarrior

@badbones777 sorry it's taken me awhile to reply. I don't actually like Overmind I keep trying it because i've seen others use it well and i know it fits well for Exile but I don't think it gels well with me id rather run with no programs or a SMC down I also prefer to have a long term solution to a card.

I don't actually have the exile deck I use posted up but that because it's basically Parasite Atman with Exile (It works well tho).

I think Overmind will work well though with E3's it'll make them more relevant D4v1d may also be an idea it should gel well with both tho's card's. Find out if it's to your liking though first if not find what works for you.

The thing you need to understand about Exile is that he's aggressive that's where he shine's because that's his advantage over Kate. His draw means he can do things like Test run scavenge and still have the same amount of cards in hand so easily get a run in. His survivability is his advantage I personally also rate a card draw higher than a cred but that's me.

24 Jan 2015 badbones777

Cheers for the advice @Pinkwarrior ! Yeah D4v1d is a good fit for him - will certainly try it. What I've been liking about Exile(and why he's pretty much the runner I've stuck with longest besides Chaos Theory) is that I can play him agressively in ways I just wouldn't with otherrunners (and stratgically I am defensive-minded by nature as it is! - probably why I Corp better than I run)

With Exile though I just feel that bit safer face checking Ice and having a probe at servers as whatever pops up I can probably go bin diving for a solution and get some draw t boot. I definitley think Exile's ability is underrated for what it offers.

Cheers for the tips mate :)

24 Jan 2015 Pinkwarrior

@badbones777 I certainly hear you their, that's exactly how i find him your that little bit safer so you can be that bit more aggressive.