In the Dumps: A Year with Exile

Indraklyr 109

This is the latest version of my Exile deck, a project that I've been working on since something like the February of 2014. Exile's ability always interested me, so I decided I'd figure out what made him work best. Well, here's the result of a year's worth of testing. A few tricks:

-The big trick with this deck is the cheap and incredibly expensive programs. The cheap ones (Inti, ZU.13, Faerie) are for early game aggression, and the expensive ones (Femme and Torch, primarily) are cheated out, usually with Test Run-Scavenge or a well-timed Code Siphon.

-Scheherazade works fantastically in this deck: installing all of your cheap programs onto it gives you a great credit boost that can really make the difference in games. If you install an SMC onto Scheherazade and later use it to get a Faerie onto Scheherazade, essentially you've got a free tutor. In addition, Scheherazade's a great target for a late-game Scavenge, and can also be a great diverting target for Power Shutdown.

-An interesting use of Exile's ability is the ability to draw cards on your opponent's turn, or in mid-run. I've saved myself from flatlines against Jinteki and even against Scorched Earth by installing something with Clone Chip for just one more draw.

-I used to run Morningstar in this deck, and while I really liked the sheer efficiency of it, I've found that Lady gets the job done just as well, and that spare influence gets my my D4V1D, which has saved my day more than once.

-Similarly, Legwork used to be a Retrieval Run, and while there are arguments for its inclusion, I think that the Legwork makes this deck just a bit more competitive.

Well, there you guys have it! Hope you all enjoy my take on everyone's favorite homeless hacker.