Aidy's Industrial Geonomics v1.0

badbones777 15

This deck is the first iteration on my theme after a bit of a chat with Slysquid over on Blackhats and what I love about this ID is that I can think of a coupe of builds I wanna try - Have just switched to this from Nisei Division. Only played 5 games so far and it's 3-2. The plan with this was to weather the storm early game (the easiest game saw my opponent hit 6 points in 3 turns!) come mid game the runner often seems to stall as they can't afford to trash anything, and even getting through the scoring server seldom means they have the creds to trash the double Herrings. So far it has had fab economy - far more than can spend in fact, so may drop a Melange and one (or both) shells for just more Ice. Also will probably drop the ASH as I have nnever used it in this deck yet, to free up influence for some Ice -possibly out of faction and expensive.

Observations so far - Bootcamp is awesome - It's ability to rez things made my Nasir opponent cry. It's trashable ability is superb.

Need more ICE! I knew this having built it, just toying with the concept at first. Still not decided on whether to include any hard end the runs so far (admittedly 5 games is nothing to base any analysis on) the sheer cost of trashing, the Infrastructures and the fact that there's Psi Game on the Futures should they get into any centrals they happen to be in has made the agendas a lot safer than they appear on paper. Nevertheless, I'd like to beef up the amount of ICE a little.

Managing the amount of face downs is half the challenge (and fun!) of this ID -at least with this build. I think the sweet spot is 3-4 if possible - just enough to dissuade the runner from even bothering with remotes, but not so much that they feel it's getting ridiculous or that they HAVE to run archives -cos with the best will in the world, they WILL get in when they want, it's a question of how long you can keep them digging R&D while setting up the win server.

I know this deck can get much better but it's been nothing but fun to play and I have only good things to say about this ID

Love it!