SlySquids "Mother F****** Deck" v1.2

SlySquid 4667

A few changes that my new friend CDrock helped with...

Needed a little more econ tweaks...

23 Jan 2015 soultsunami

oh look another decklist that isn't available yet. Can't wait to test this... nowhere, since nothing accommodates to unreleased cards.

23 Jan 2015 BTrain

@soultsunamiJust sleeve up proxies and play with your buddies - or keep this deck in your back pocket until the 28th when O&C releases. Cheer up, friend!! :D

23 Jan 2015 SlySquid

Like @BTrain said @soultsunami, proxie it up or I hear it's legal on

What do u think of the changes @BTrain...? Me and CDRock thought it needed I little more econ to keep pressure up...

23 Jan 2015 BTrain

I like it @SlySquid. One thing I'm kinda worried about though is that Knight and Femme are the only breakers that will let you access. Knight is slow, Femme is expensive and Blue Sun laughs at both them. Eater is good for a few of the events in the deck, but I fear the biggest problem is having them when you need them. The 3x SOT is obviously a must, but what about some Planned Assaults for 6 influence? You can drop a lot of the events to 1x, and you'll never have to wait for them to potentially hit your heap before you Same Old Thing them. I've been a trying this Prepaid Ed Kim build and Planned Assault makes it all work, and now that I think about it, it seems MaxX like PA even more!

BOX-E is a nice touch here, by the way, and I freaking LOVE Scrubbed in this deck. VERY solid foundation and I can't wait to see where this goes.

23 Jan 2015 Spoonfunk

@SlySquid Just gave this a go on like most the cards work, although knight and femme had some issue's with card targeting and hosting. Some points, losing all of my SOT's really hurt especially since I also lost most of my economy cards. I am considering working Liberated accounts into the deck. My rational for this is it basically serves as a poorer version of day job with Josh B out. Just drop it and net 10 credits, costs one more click though so we'll see. Femme was a little awkward as my opponent just installed over the next turn. Wanton destruction is out of control. Completely sealed the deal, burning amped up and then trashing their entire hand FTW. Nuts card. Overall definetely an amazing deck.

23 Jan 2015 SlySquid

@Spoonfunk I was talking with CDRock about Liberated Account!

I think you can swap the Queen's Gambit for Liberated Account no prob, in fact I might do that too...

23 Jan 2015 IonFox

Deck looks pretty slick. Can I ask why you chose to run no plascretes despite joshua b and account siphon? Also with josh b you can pop liberated and empty it in the same turn, which makes it pretty nice.

23 Jan 2015 IonFox

As I feel sometimes steelskin wont be enough, especially with a lot more poke decks coming out with O&C.

23 Jan 2015 SlySquid

Ya @IonFox I'll prob swap for Liberated Accounts...

If the meta changes than I'll be forced to change too, but as we speak I'm not worried about not having Plascrete Carapace, Steelskin is more than enough

23 Jan 2015 IonFox

Just to check, if I have 3 cards in hand, 1 of which is a steelskin and I get hit by scorched earth, am I a smoking corpse or a lucky runnner with 2 cards in hand?

23 Jan 2015 SlySquid

That's kind of in the air atm @IonFox, i don't think we have a dido rive answer yet... But I play it like you'd be dead, just to be fair wile I proxy...

23 Jan 2015 CodeMarvelous

@SlySquid you have to yell "PUNK ROCK" whenever you use a run event in this deck.

23 Jan 2015 SlySquid

Lol @CodeMarvelous

23 Jan 2015 Glitch

I don't like the inclusion of Queen's Gambit since you can't access the card afterwards. Sure you can use Singularity, but that eliminates most of your credit gain (all of it if there's ice infront of that remote). I'd make the switch to Liberated Account.

Steelskin won't protect you from death if you have less cards in hand than the amount of damage you're receiving. Cards like Scorched Earth or Snare! deal all of the damage at once. All of this can still be played around by keeping a full hand and not running last click.

Other than that, I'm still not looking forward to playing against this :D

23 Jan 2015 SlySquid

You all hit it home for me, Liberated Account is in... @Glitch not that I'm saying your wrong but what a few people think is that all damage pulls one card at a time, do we have a ruling on it? If so do you have a link...?

I know in pratice I've defered to your ruling just cause I feel it's the worse of the two options, and if I'm going to test it I want to to be at its weakest, but we will need a final ruling after the 28th...

23 Jan 2015 Spoonfunk

After headbutting decks for a solid night I have made some tweeks Lib accounts is definitely the cats pajama's and I also added datasucker as it is an economy card that you can rely on a little bit more to get in play because of Deja Vu and Retrieval Run (in dire circumstances). I am actually having a little bit of trouble against the new weyland advance ice though. Big Ice being rezzed scary fast is difficult to handle and I am not feeling knight but I have no clue what to swap him anyway the deck is up on the inspiration list as Meth Induced Frontal Lobotomy if you want to check it out

25 Jan 2015 xethebuilder

I've played against this (or very similar) a few times now. Seems very strong against decks that try to play a standard game, but has repeatedly proven too slow for NBN Rush. Could just be players unfamiliar with the deck (haven't tried it myself yet) or unprepared for the astro-train. Anyways, clot can't come soon enough.