Armored Turtle: Stirling is now a Store Championship Winner

Erik_Twice 2022

I just took Stirling to a victory over the Spanish Netrunner Champion and six other opponents at my local Store Championship! Stirling is a really strong Runner right now, and my builds have gotten progressively better. The most important addition was Medium, of which I only played one copy at the tournament, a huge mistake that I rectify here.

Medium is a tickling bomb. It can't be ignored, once it connects, the whole game starts to shape around it and with Inside Job and the huge economic power of Stirling, locking it out is impossible. Often corps are forced to waste turns purging giving Stirling more time to use Tri-Maf or fall prey to Inside Jobs being used as improvised Maker's Eye.

Rachel Beckman has gone back to the deck and this time she's here to stay. Against slower matchups, it gives an amazing economic advantage and takes the bite away from Bioroids. Against Jinteki PE it wrecks their attempts at click compression and against everything else it makes Medium and Tri-Maf scarier. At once influence, she's hard to refuse.

The lone Emergency Shutdown has no use, it's a vestige of the ineffective derez package the previous version ran and should be replaced. For what, I cannot say so feel free to try out anything else in its slot.

25 Jan 2015 Two_EG

How to deal with sea-scorch-tri maf or sea-tri maf-tri maf or midseason?

25 Jan 2015 Erik_Twice

You won't get hit with SEA Source or Midseason Replacements if you are rich, and being rich is easy when you have Tri-Maf, Underworld Contact and gain money from your ability ;)

It's rare to see Tri-Maf trahsed for that reason. The most likely way to die to it is to have your opponent play a Breaking News with two fast advance sources AND have four credits to trash which is rare. You can also protect yourself by drawing up to six cards with Logos but I would rather not do it against NBN.

25 Jan 2015 payprplayn

Seems like plascrete or, perhaps even better, decoy, would be good candidates to replace the emergency shutdown. They could save you against posted bounty-scorch, or (decoy could) let you walk through a data raven without losing Rachel.

25 Jan 2015 tzukimi

I can't see you being able to compete economically with Blue Sun, especially with 1 Emergency Shutdown. Even worse, how can you defend against a Posted Bounty -> Scorch -> Scorch.

26 Jan 2015 x3r0h0ur

I've loved 3x trimaf in IS for a long time, he's a fantastic econ option. I ran crash space in mine, but I also ran account siphon and vamp. Cool deck. Looks like a lot of these championships are ending up with cool new decks.

26 Jan 2015 Erik_Twice


What I can't see is how Blue Sun can compete against Stirling, not the other way around! Really, if you try the deck you'll quickly see money is not an issue and Blue Sun is somewhat slow, giving plenty of time for Stirling to build his board. Blue Sun can't risk an early Atlas or Hostile Takeover, either, since it turns on your ability.

I've never had a problem with Posted Bounty, I simply run the remote if needed. But @payprplayn is right than a single Decoy would come handy, makes a matchup easier and it's not like there's anything important in that slot.

28 Jan 2015 casteffens

As to Logos, what cards are you looking to put in your hand when the corp scores?

28 Jan 2015 Diegofsv

Love this deck. Made a version on my own with newer cards. I've be playing Iain for some time now, and Earthrise Hotel is a game changing for him. Give it a try.

29 Jan 2015 Erik_Twice


The most common target is Legwork or a breaker to use Legwork. You want to clean their hand after they score their first agenda so you can focus on R&D.

Other than that, you search for your silver bullets (Feedback Filter, Running Interference) or simply get as many Inside Jobs or economy cards as possible.

Logos adds consistency but I don't think it's a particularly important card in this build.


Glad to hear you liked the deck. Earthrise Hotel could be a great addition, but I prefer Mr Li! :D

29 Jan 2015 Diegofsv

@Erik_Twice Why not have both :) I do enjoy Mr. Li but the clickless card buy is awesome. Pretty early you are gaining 5/6c and buying 2 cards withou spending a single click at the start of your turn.

4 Mar 2015 yosuv

why no dyson mem chip and data folding?? with those 3 cards, you have 3 more money.

4 Mar 2015 Erik_Twice


Data Folding wasn't released at the time of the tournament.

4 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Instead of Emergency Shutdown, maybe try Decoy to give you that little bit of extra security against tags?