Entropy v1.4 (Chilo City Noise 2nd seed)

ItJustGotRielle 2923

  • Chilo City Grudge Match, Louisville, Kentucky (1/24/15)

  • Attendance: 62, 6 Rounds of Swiss with a cut to top 8

  • Final Score: Corp 5 - 1, Runner 4 - 2; 18 Prestige. 2nd Seed going into eliminations, then lost in first round elims on the cut to top 4.

This is played as an aggressive 'run often' Noise Cache variant. For the purpose of Chilo (with a restriction of limit 1 ASPP per deck) I anticipated very little NBN, and much more HB FA, Blue Sun, and IT Dept, so I dropped to 1x Demo Run to add a D4v1d (which I didn't need in a single matchup) and dropped my 3rd Imp (which I leveraged against NEH) for a single Corroder (in case of Wraparound, and as a response to Next Silvers when a Parasite was not on hand). Incubator sits out and loads itself, either forcing a purge, or allowing for glory runs on R&D and HQ, Alternatively, you can incubate Crypsis and Stimhack run a remote to power through the ice tower and break the Ash trace, or score the NAPD.

You want Wyldside and Aesop's out asap, but you don't want to play Solitaire. You want Lamprey, Datasucker, or Imp out turn 1, and you want to run centrals to force a rez, pressuring a corp to rez or lose credits, get cards imped, or give you sucker tokens to use in tandem with Parasite once you draw one. From there on, every turn that the corp does not pressure you to run through setting up a secure remote, you cycle viruses, building your economy while disrupting their draw/deck ratios and drawing through your deck for your run events, Crypsis, and Clone Chips. Eventually they will install and advance an agenda, and that is your cue to either Stimhack through that remote and take it, or if you don't have the board state to do that, you should be able to do a full HQ access with Nerve Agent, or a 5 - 6 card dig with Medium. The Corp should not be able to afford to rez enough ice to keep you out of both their remote and the central you choose, if you are pressuring them properly.

I played 2 Blue Sun and 1 BABW- vs the BABW, who was playing Punitives, Scorches, SEA Source and Midseason, I used Incubator at 3 tokens to incubate a Nerve Agent, and then ran a Demo Run at HQ. It costed about 10 credits to do, while he was pooling around 25 and I was at 18 initiatially, and on-access I grabbed 4 out 5 cards- a Punitive, a SEA Source, a Scorch, and a Caduceus and trashed them. Disarming a Corp's HQ is generally how I play against Scorch/Punitive/Neural EMP decks, although I do run a single Plascrete. A corp who pools flatline operations must also pool credits to be able to leverage the threat against you, so by using all your trace-fighting credits to get into HQ and wipe those operations, you put a Corp in a very bad place, since they have likely been either slow-playing to not have to discard, or overdrawing for combo cards and tossing unneeded ice- This works great in your favor since your economic engine is also trashing random cards from their deck. These strats are going to be much stronger after the impending release of OaC next week, when you can use cards like Amped Up in tandem with Demo Run or Wanton Destruction to pull off these combos faster and more aggressively. In several of the games I pitched Crypsis early, and with a Clone Chip out was able to Stimhack a server, using Stimhack Credits to install the Crypsis and break whatever ice they rez, sometimes even leaving more credits left over for trashing accessed cards or scoring NAPDs.

Stimhack and Demo Run are mvp of these deck, and I'm looking forward to slimming it down further to fit Amped Up in. We'll see what OaC brings!

26 Jan 2015 ttsgosadow

Just been reading about this (great post!), and was curious for the deck; and there it is. Thanks for sharing! Love to see competative decks other than (boring) Andy.

26 Jan 2015 Dydra

Chilo city grid restricted to 1... waat? wait wat?

26 Jan 2015 Diegofsv

@Dydra AstroScript Pilot Program limited to 1. I understand why, but I really think its not ideal.

27 Jan 2015 akonnick

Love this deck. I won a tournament with Noise (albeit before Incubator was released) and would have traded my list for this one. I'm a little more passive with Noise than what you described in your summary, so I'm probably subbing out the Lampreys for Cyberfeeders (what I played in the tourney) and the Plascrete for an Armitage Codebusting (I always feel like Noise and Imp is all the Scorch disruption I need). Demo Run is a great 1-of that I'm glad to hear payed off for you. Thanks for posting and glad to see another Noise do well that isn't pure Siphon Noise or Autoscripter/Netinstaller Noise - your build is where it's at.

27 Jan 2015 hi_impact

Gravedigger is going to be so tempting in Noise + Grimoire.

2 Feb 2015 kollapse

What would you switch up with the new O&C cards being out?