The Game-Ending Four Card Combo

LSK 4574

The goal of this deck is to make it impossible for you to do anything, and to reach that point as quickly as possible. We're playing three copies of Beach Party / Hard at Work / Starlight Crusade Funding / Wyldside, so we have full redundancy. None of these except Wyldside are unique, but we want to install one of each because that's way more confusing for our opponent.

Once all four of those cards are installed, this deck ends up generating a lot of money and drawing a lot of cards, so we're playing Ekomind to maximize our expanded hand size and card draw, and we're using Darwin as a "money sink".

We're playing a single Woman in the Red Dress because we have the influence and I haven't seen her in play yet. Plus, it triggers at the start of our turn, so we don't need a click to use it.

I'm pretty sure this strategy is actually insane but I'll hold off on that judgment until I see it in action.

26 Jan 2015 Ulkrond


26 Jan 2015 Kronosdev

I'd swap Underworld Contact and Diesel for Lucky Find and Steelskin. That may help maximize your effectiveness as you go for The Gong Show. Good luck comboing out.

26 Jan 2015 Manticore

Have you considered Amped Up as a pseudo Mass Install for your resources? If you install multiple Hard At Work or Beach Party before you combo out, they're pure upside, and you don't care about the brain damage because your hand size is nuts already anyway.

26 Jan 2015 seurimas

No Deja Vu to save a trashed combo piece? **** you, you mother******!

26 Jan 2015 Jaggerbyte

I wanted to try this but Ithink you did a much better job.

26 Jan 2015 Adam500

So... I get you're trying to make it so that you have no clicks in a turn, but I'm not sure what the point is then... wait for the corp to deck out?

26 Jan 2015 vampire0

Its a joke deck man. Don't ruin it.

26 Jan 2015 Lupus Yonderboi

Some heavy-drawing corp deck may deck themselves before you lock yourself. You'd better include some Record Reconstructor. Also, if Power Shutdown shows, you're screwed : only some Imps and an insane amount of luck may help you.

And last, An Offer You Cannot Refuse should force you to win even once locked. I don't see any answer for that.

26 Jan 2015 Xaxuch

The fact that Starlight Crusade Funding is not unique should make it a beast in this deck. You might even consider using logos to tutor it out.

27 Jan 2015 hypomodern

It's happening!!!!!

29 Jan 2015 Saikron

If I were a masochist I would add Chop Bot to the deck and play it until I won once.

10 Jun 2015 Beta-Max

I'm still kinda new to could someone explain this to me? I think i'm missing something important here.

11 Jun 2015 UminWolf

@Beta-Max: It's not a real deck. It's designed so you have no clicks left on your turn. Wyldside, Starlight Crusade Funding, Beach Party, and Hard at Work each take away a click at the start of your turn. So if you have all 4 out, your turn is literally resolve all of the abilities on those 4 cards, and pass the turn. It's just designed to be silly, which for some reason, is pretty big in the NetRunner community. I think because there are so many possible card combinations. But yeah, you aren't missing anything

12 Jun 2015 Beta-Max

@UminWolf Thanks! I wasn't sure if it was just a "lookit what this combo causes" kinda thing or an actual surprise "nuke". I've seen some decks with out there themes floating around...there's a few "No Icebreaker" decks...but some actually have the potential to be surprisingly lethal, so i wasn't sure.