Super Snoop 'N Scorch v1

PackBenPack 96

The Weyland dream of blowing someone up is even more real with the addition of Titan Transnational. Now, when you get your first (and usually only) Snoop traces off, you can now score yourself a Helium-3 Deposit and give that sucker a total of 4 Power Counters. Then the dream of snooping them to a face-down Snare! to kill isn't much like Weyland, but it's a lot of fun.


Lots of money (when you score agendas). Lots of ways to blow someone up (good ol' SEA Source-Scorched Earth for when you're filthy rich, new-fangled Snoop -> Scorch and/or Snare for that new tech.


Sometimes can struggle in the trace department when they are running due to bad pub. The bad pub from Geothermal Fracking and even Hostile Takeover are the best way this ID can make money. Defenses are not as sound as other weyland decks, but turns out Archer is still pretty good.


Undefeated. In Card Draw Simulations.

30 Jan 2015 DeMarko

Agenda counters are not power counters