Midseason Clearance (FA deck)

John"Animal"McEvoy 1361

28 Jan 2015 Somberbrero

I like the idea, but I think Fast Track might be a little much in a smaller deck with lots of card draw, especially 3x. I would probably go with Sweeps Week instead, just because Midseasons can be so expensive.

I know it's in every deck but I can't help but think that NAPD Contract would be much more punishing than Market Research, especially when you follow it up with a Midseason. Taking out MR would allow you to include some cheaper, better ICE for scoring those Astros since you wouldn't have to play the ICE tag game. I really like the synergy you've built, but streamlining might make it more consistent.

Oh, and Midway Station Grid might be devastating if a server is two Eli's deep. That might play slower than you like though, just a thought.

I think TWIY is in a very interesting place right now and I like what you've done. It's cool to see Fast Advance that doesn't work off San San.

28 Jan 2015 notrocketscience

I think replacing one Fast Track with a Closed Accounts would be useful for slowing down the runner after you land a Midseasons. It's also an easy, no influence way to punish early tag floating especially after getting hit with Account Siphon.

28 Jan 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy

Thank guys for the helpful comments! still testing this deck a lot, this is just the more recent version that i found works the best. I will take your good advice and change a few things. Thank you! :D

28 Jan 2015 willy1234

YEP I LIKE IT! I totally agree with Somberbhero, midway would be devastating and sweeps week would be great! maybe even add a closed accounts?

28 Jan 2015 Best of the worst

Hey bud! this deck kicked my ass but i will have my revenge!

30 Jan 2015 Four_Leaf

No one has mentioned this but it's sound advice for dilution of agendas. You're at 40 cards, bump to 44, get some extra ice / operations / traps and this deck will shine.

30 Jan 2015 Four_Leaf

Here is a version that I think I'd play built off your list bumped up to 44. netrunnerdb.com

Information Overload seems like a legit fit for how many tags we apply and since a lot of our ice is porous, when we do actually need to score, I included Ash 2X3ZB9CY. I took out the Fast Track because we have a slimmer deck and I put in Jackson and Daily Business Show so we have the card draw from the green levels I took out. Now we can Jackson back in agendas if we overdrew, or our economy or tagging cards, things that died to parasite etc.

As other have said, I went with NAPD as it's a superior choice since our game plan is to have them steal the NAPD and then midseasons them. We never intend on scoring an napd unless match point or want to apply pressure.

Best of luck with your deck. I like it.

5 Feb 2015 Fl3xbyts

@Four_Leaf Your deck list is not available for us to see. Maybe you haven't published it yet...?