Noise Pollution-esque

travisrchance 2242

This is the updated version of a Noise deck I have been playing for about 6 months. The primary differences are that I dropped the 2 John Masanoris and 2 DLRs to make room for some of the sweet new viruses out of O&C. I also took out someof the clunkier economy and my 3rd Siphon, after much debate, for some new stuff and 2 Clone Chips to Parasite in-run or muster other programs as needed. I think this was also a good move with Crisium Grid allover the place these days.

I have not done a substantial amount of testing with these changes, but, as the majority of the deck remains unscathed, I don't think this matters much. If anything, Gravedigger, Hive Mind, etc.


This deck runs at least once a turn on average. Day Job obviously is an exception to this, but, on the whole, you will be running, probing servers, and treating Noise's ability more so as an incidental effect that can just win games.

I personally am not a fan of passive noise builds that lean on Workshop and cobbling together multi-card combos that often take up a lot of clicks in the early game. I have milled people out, but as a plan b. Before, the two DLRs functioned as a threat that must be answered lest their deck be further gnawed. Again, this was not a primary focus, but it did often work--esp. when the corp was attempting to score an agenda, meaning you can reliably get two turns of clicking DLR. The important thing to do is run. Don't be afraid to face check--though against Jinteki, you have to play a tad more conservatively. This isn't a deck that sees a ton of purge plays like the more durdle-town versions some people insist are the way to go. If you do get a purge, it usually comes at very high premium for the corp, as this deck can pretty much poke and prod at any central or remote as long as you have the breakers.

Now, the specifics:


Account Siphon is the all-star here and functions as an econ card in a pinch. I still encounter corp players that will leave their HQ naked on the first turn, which hopefully you can exploit. If they do drop ice on HQ, it is usually one, which a Knight will get your through easily.

10 credits goes a long way in this deck, so I think some temp work via Day Job isn't too brutal. The key is timing here, as you can open up a scoring window for the corp if you are not careful. This may be too much of a tempo hit, but I am loving it in MaxX which is AS aggressive if not more, so I think it will be a nominal tempo hit. You will have to cool your heels and regroup at some point, and this is a perfect time for Day Job.

Stim Hack is the bizarro world Day Job, there for an ambush run with your Crypsis. One copy of this card is always a good thing. Sure Gamble is a given.

Deja Vu usually does a few typical things for the deck: recur Siphons, recur Caches, recur Parasites, recur key stuff you lost along the way.

The deck long suffered from no draw, so I've Had Worse is a very welcome addition. It serves as burst draw and protection against flatline strategies.

The 1 Demo Run is for when the stars align and you can get a massive Medium or Nerve Agent run. It happens, thanks to Incubators, and when it does there is nothing so sweet.


Clone Chips are mostly there for Parasites, so you can keep aggression, but they can get back whatever program you are needing in a pinch.

There was a time when I just could not justify Grimoire, as the cost and click to install it felt like a big tempo hit at many points in the game. With Incubators and some of the other new viruses, as well as the inclusion of Chip, it is now the right card for speeding up virus effects as well as helping out with potential MU issues--the deck is now keeping more cards around than before.


Our breakers are 3x Knight and 1x Crypsis. I will admit there is an inherit irony in not playing some of the awesome breakers like Corroder, Mimic, and Yog, since they would not cost any influence, but with no way to tutor them in-faction, I like the general utility of AI breakers. It has done me well thus far, esp. since Knight often gets rid of the ice on which it is hosted.

We have a lot of viruses, and most are at 3 copies because they fit the archetype and are cost efficient. I won't bother to pontificate on what Datasucker, Parasite, and Imp do in the deck--though I think some people may be confused by three Imps (this deck runs regularly, remember). I do think 1 Sucker could be 1 Lamprey, if your heart so desires. Incubator is just so bomby in so many situations. I started with 1 in the last build, would often want it, then went up to 2. In this iteration, I am trying 3, as I think it just works too well with too many cards. Cache is nice little econ card that incidentally mills and gets a leg up from Grimoire.

We then have a slew of one-ofs, most of which are surgical strike cards. Medium is a monster in a deck with Grimoire and 3 Incubators. You can always drop it and run, run, run in the classic attack style. OR you can drop it, dump an Incubator on it, and get to work. Doing the latter usually ensure less resistance in terms of ice--dependent on how often you have been running and where. Nerve Agent works similarly, just on their hand, which isn't nearly as impressive. Both of these cards pair well with Imp, hence why there is 3 in the deck. Gravedigger also pairs nicely with Imp, allowing you to load it up actively rather than moving around counters and whatnot from Breeding Grounds.

Hive Mind is obviously just baller in a deck playing this many viruses. Incubating this card can have some nightmarish results for the corp in terms of boosting Medium, Nerve Agent, and Parasites. Be careful though, as this will certainly warrant a purge. Please note that I am not playing Progenitor because I feel it is slow and takes up vital deck spaces, beyond demanding cards be drawn in the correct order. This deck only needs cards like Hive Mind to work at the RIGHT time, not all the time.

Djinn is vital to this deck, as the majority of your gas comes in viral form. You will never want more than 1 out, but getting to a copy is important to get the ball rolling. When the game is in a stalemate, you can always shift laterally into search, play a 1 credit virus, search, play a 1 credit virus--preferably Cache. This will maintain pressure on their deck.

As far as the archives kill method, this deck doesn't just run archives once and hop they have no Jackson, or they are lucky, or whatever. It doesn't play Hades Shard, as this would require dropping key cards used for influence.

Now, enjoy!