An Inconvenient Sleuth

ItJustGotRielle 2923

This is the deck Al Gore warned you about.

29 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

We're kind of lacking in draw, here, sacrificing some of it to be utilitarian. Reina has issues late game (once ice is rezzed) without a strong economy, so rather than split the deck up to get Parasite/Datasucker/Dejavu in it, I figured, go PPVP economy, and run ice destruction events. You may spend some time drawing since there are only 10 programs in the deck, but I'm hoping the Injects will help alleviate that. You'll either draw the program you need, or draw into PPVP/econ events/Clone Chip to get them back.

With econ of this size Quest Completed seems reasonable, not sure with SoT if I should run 1 or 2 QC, we'll see.