Planet-ish Express

Scorpi12 108

This my Comet-based Express deck!

I'm a big fan of Comet already and love the synergy it has with a lot of cards. Day Job followed by a run event is huge; Account Siphon followed by a Lawyer Up for two clicks, leaving the Corp bankrupt and you with a full hand no tags AND two more clicks to play with...

Early Bird, though, is the real workhorse of the deck. With Comet, you are making a profit one click when you play it and follow it up with another event. When you're set up, it's like an Amped Up without the drawback. The dream combo is pairing an Early Bird with Wanton Destruction for maximum carnage of HQ, but you could also play it and Day Job in the same turn and, if my math is right, even have a click to spare: "...and I'll take a credit."

Economy is robust. Not quite the full pre-paid suite but close to it, with Day Job replacing Lucky Find and, as mentioned above, with less of a drawback than usual. It's a few cards over the minimum, but with lots of card draw - three Quality Times, John Masanori, Mr. Li and even Lawyer Up and Special Order getting the cards I need into my hand ASAP.

30 Jan 2015 x3r0h0ur

I'm liking 2 wanton destruction in my PPVP/PT ken deck. I think I'd be concerned with finding the breakers and keeping them safe though, given your setup.

30 Jan 2015 Scorpi12

Valid point. I lowered the deck size and added another Wanton - really the killer combo of the deck once I get Comet out.