Mutate Foundry Kill

x3r0h0ur 8692

31 Jan 2015 Oisin

Very neat mechanic here. Bioroid efficiency becomes very mean indeed.

31 Jan 2015 Totakeke

Very interesting pairing BER with The Twins. I'd probably try a Mutate-less version.

1 Feb 2015 x3r0h0ur

Twins are great, you already replicate the paired ice. Mutate is a great combo too, once you filter the small ice, you can only mutate into big ice! Also you can mutate a big conditional (BER) to remove the condition and make it perminent.

17 Feb 2015 vor_lord

Is the sole intent of Bioroid Efficiency Research to combo with Mutate ? That is a neat interaction.

But if the runner breaks the routines on a piece of ice that has been BER'd, you can trigger The Twins, but you'd have to pay the full rez cost (since it would derez after the subroutines were broken).

17 Feb 2015 x3r0h0ur

I had OAI in my non foundry style. Its cool to remove the 'derez' condition when you mutate even a big ice (when all you have left are big ice in the deck). So remove PW and Bronze by 'replicating' it out, then mutate the BER'ed ice, get something awesome :P.

18 Feb 2015 sruman

Could be a fun deck for sure but just wondering about Paper Wall and Fenris. Is the ease of destroying paper wall worth the reduced cost, maybe another cheap ice (Hudson or something, might be a good alternate). Also, thought about replacing Fenris with another cheap ice maybe even Viper/Eli that are still useful until mutating. Then have 1/2 cheap ice and 1/2 big ice after switching out Ichi 1.0 for ichi 2.0 (which is tougher to break when BER'd). Just some thoughts.

19 Mar 2015 YusukeTube

Played a couple of rounds with this deck and it was great fun. Caught on pretty quickly on how to pilot it! Thanks.