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Rawnblade 60

Drop Caduceus and Shadow on your centrals, put a Hadrian's or Ice Wall in a remote and start building. Simone will do work in this deck, I often find myself spending several consecutive turns triple-advancing an Ice Wall while I wait for an agenda to show up. The deck is really about biding your time and playing for late game, where Commercializations and Troubleshooters will let you brute force your agendas. Swordsman is for my local meta, I think the general version of this deck would do just fine with a Rototurret.

15 Jan 2014 x3r0h0ur

That looks more in line with how I'd build it out. I might use restructure over private contracts, its less click intense since you should be using clicks to advance ice, and it pairs fairly well with commercialization. I know its not quite the boost BABW gets, but it still feels good IMO. Plus Whizzard can completely ruin your day with PC.

You might try out -3 PC +3 restructure if you have it.

Food for thought: another idea is to go 3 Govt contracts 3 priority req 3 hostile take over and have more room for fun stuff, and lose ToL for ash and troubleshooter. Just another path to go down, it works well in the other weyland ID, maybe not so much in this one.

15 Jan 2014 Rawnblade

The appeal of Trick of Light comes from an over-scored Atlas fishing out another Atlas for the 2-point conversion, but lately I've been thinking about scrapping it- the trick is usually unnecessary and introducing Ash may not be such a bad idea.

I like your assessment of Private Contracts- I'm currently waiting for GRNDL Refinery to take those slots, though you're right in that it doesn't solve the Whizzard problem. I'm a little hesitant to drop in some Restructures, but it may be worth a shot.