Blue Sun: Glacier Scorch (Universe Games Store Champ, 1st Pl

Fictional 1522

This deck won me the Universe Games Store Championship in Minneapolis, MN on 2/1/15 (21 people). It went undefeated going 7-0 on the day and was definitely the workhorse at the cut to top 8. It is a hybrid glacier/kill deck and can easily win through either condition. Just like most Blue Sun decks you print money early on, build your scoring remote and put the runner in a lose lose situation. Either they score the agenda and leave themselves open to scorch or leave it and let me score out.

A little about a couple of the marque cards: Adonis – Standard for Blue Sun nowadays. Search it out with EBC and put it in your scoring remote while you wait for a scoring window.

Shattered Remains – Your scorch combo is ready but they have their plascrete’s up. No problem find it with EBC and either advance an agenda or plant the shattered remains, if they don’t run it, bounce it back and do it over again.

Ash – The second copy is a recent include in the deck. I used to only run one but often times in the late game you want to score out but need a window. Two copies of Ash nearly guarantees that you can get one in the mid to late game without fear of the runner trashing them both.

Tollbooth – The workhorse in this deck and probably the best ice Blue Sun can run. It keeps the runner poor and can be bounced to whichever server you need to lock down. There is no good way through this ice other than to get rid of it.

Overall it is a strong deck. The only concern I have is if the cutlery becomes popular and the big ice that gets rezzed gets destroyed. But maybe as long as you are bouncing your ice around enough this will at least be somewhat difficult for the runner.

3 Feb 2015 sruman

Thanks for posting and the write-up.
From seeing what people were playing at Store championship on Saturday and on OCTGN the last few days, cutlery has become very popular so the 16 ice might leave you ice light on a crucial server (R&D or scoring remote that's knight-able with an agenda). Did you play any games against the current wave of feedback / keyhole / AS builds. Octgn may not be fully reflective of metas but it's an indication and in 7 corp games, I've played against a Whizzard version, Reina version, and 3 Maxx versions. Just curious how the deck did.

3 Feb 2015 Fictional

@sruman I only played 2 Anarchs the entire day, Noise, and a MaxX deck that I dont think was running any cutlery but was running the Eater/Keyhole/Wanton package. The deck performed well against it. I think the bog box was so new that many hadn't fully tested with it yet. But your right as the big box gets played more and the cutlery gets more popular it could be an issue for this deck. Though you could probably remove a couple assets and possibly the extra Ash to fit more ice in. Thanks for the feedback.

4 Feb 2015 RonZacapa

Nice deck! How do you feel about Checkpoint in this deck?

4 Feb 2015 Fictional

@RonZacapa Thanks. Checkpoint is going to hurt. Femme obviously has issues with the high strength sentries. Depending on the Corp's financial situation it may be better to let the trace fire and pay it off. It will definitely be a huge target for the Femme ability.

4 Feb 2015 RonZacapa

@Fictional I was thinking, - 1 Ash, -1 shattered remains, +2 swordsman (or 1 swordsman and something else) and remove 1 datapike for a Checkpoint (code gate for a code gate). But I'm just thinking out loud.

How often does Shattered remains hit?

Do you care about femme as BS? Not really right?

4 Feb 2015 Fictional

@RonZacapa Your right that shattered remains does not hit very often but it has won me the game on a couple of occasions. I think checkpoint is a good ice in general but I am not a fan of the illicit ice as much in Blue Sun. I don't really want to be bouncing them around very much and taking all the bad pub. The addition of a swordsman actually sounds good at least while eater remains popular.

Yeah, Femme doesn't matter, sorry was thinking about another deck.

4 Feb 2015 RonZacapa

Oh right of course. I wasn't thinking about the fact you have to take the BP every time :'). Silly me. I'm also not convinced now.

With Weyland being in O&C, I guess plascretes will go up again, so removing shattered remains might not be the best idea.

5 Feb 2015 Phoenix

I have found that illicit ice is not a problem to bounce in Blue Sun: Powering the Future as long as you have at least two Elizabeth Mills in the deck. I like to be able to bounce Grim around.

5 Feb 2015 RonZacapa

And what about adding Crisiums?

5 Feb 2015 Fictional

@RonZacapa I wish deck space wasn't so tight that I could find room for all the tools I want like crisium. Right now I think the only reasonable cards you could remove are 1 ash or 1 EBC to make room for other tools.

5 Feb 2015 sruman

Shattered remains is definitely a great trap for scorch weyland but I fear in the (wave of) anarch mathups it might be lessened significantly. So far in the maxx / reina / whizzard / valencia versions of main keyhole/eater/siphon strategy I haven't seen a plascrete but instead, reliance on 3 ive-had-worse in the deck. Plus they're running almost no hardware (maybe a console that isn't very integral to their strategy) and few resources outside of the same old things.
Clearly a cleaners + sea-sc-sc will rip through an ive-had-worse. But if they hoard two and sit on 4 cards .... Maybe the 8/10 card hit still worth it, but does lessen chances of scorch win overall.

5 Feb 2015 Fictional

@sruman That's a great point that I hadn't thought of about shattered remains. Now you've got me thinking about changing this deck slot.

6 Feb 2015 xjohncandyx

Hey there, I've been playing Blue Sun for a little while now and was just curious about some of your ICE selections. Why Datapike over Enigma? What do you think about Hive vs Fire Wall? Do you just 100% focus on economy early game to make up for the generally higher cost ICE (no Ice Wall for example)? And Changeling, I'm assuming you advance it to make an ETR Sentry? Sorry for peppering you but you obviously know your stuff.

6 Feb 2015 Fictional

I go with hive and datapike because they tax the runners more allowing to more easily score out of a remote in the early to mid game. I think both enigma and datapike are good and either could be used. Yes early game is usually focused on setting up my own board state. Although I will rush agendas early if I see a scoring window.

Changeling is in the deck as a fourth hive and an optional sentry etr which this deck lacks.

I choose hive over fire wall because it can't be broken by David which I think is very popular right now. But if your are trying to tax David tokens then fire wall could work well.

7 Feb 2015 Thike

Have you tried running 1x Ash and 1x Archived Memories? I find I love the flexibility of Archived in BS.

7 Feb 2015 Fictional

@Thike No I haven't tried that yet. That is a good idea, I will have to test that out. Thanks.