Siphon Everything (Universe Games Store Champ 1st Place)

Fictional 1522

This is the runner deck that I used at the Universe Games Store Championship in Minneapolis, MN on 2/1/15 (21 people). It only had one loss going 4-1 on the day, the only loss from a close game with one of my friend's HB Fast Advance deck. This is a siphon recursion/quick rig Chaos Theory that goes by the K.I.S.S rule. Keep it simple stupid. Breakers, money, and tutors, you don’t need much else.

The game plan is to get your rig up as fast as possible and then to start recurring siphons in order to make efficient runs on all the other servers. My rig consists of 4 programs using CT’s extra MU and small deck size to get up and going quick. There are 7 program tutors in the deck to help get your rig up as fast as possible. Not often are there games where I don’t have my entire rig by turn 5, it usually only takes a few turns to get set up depending on variance of course. Femme and Magnum Opus are by far the most important components. If those two programs come out early than you are in control of the game. And don’t be afraid to hard install Femme without the test run/scavenge combo, with Opus you can usually afford it especially if it lands an account siphon.

This deck always goes tag me even against Weyland. Just make sure to have at least one plascrete up first. And if they try blowing your plascretes up then you can always levy to get them back. If you are up against psychographics then you need to either make sure they are too poor to get the winning Beale or start clearing tags. It’s annoying but with Opus you can ditch at least two tags a turn.

If you plan on piloting this deck get used to people telling you how un-fun it is to play against. In my testing i had people tell me that multiple times. It is both harsh and efficient.

4 Feb 2015 Exo

Your deck made me realize that Code Siphon go really well along with Account Siphon especially in a deck in quick rig deck where you'll start by building the rig before going on the run. One question though, why Corroder over Lady? With 3 Scavenge, I see it as a more efficient option.

4 Feb 2015 Fictional

@ExoYeah code siphon is great if you are going tag me. It can help build your rig even quicker. I have actually been considering switching out the corrodor and the infiltration for 2 lady and a planned assault to get the first siphon out quicker. I think it is definitely worth trying out. The only issue I see with it is if you are up against blue sun and you can't keep their funds low, then hive and curtain wall are a huge pain if you need to break them repeatedly.

4 Feb 2015 Exo

Cool! I think your right about the possibility of getting against too much big barrier in Blue Sun thou most of the time if it's Blue Sun and you have the money in time, they will use OI for it so you'll end up trashing the 2 cards and hurt their economy. You could always add Stimhack to help those situation or Vamp which I presonnally really like along AS. Anyway good deck bro and congrats for the win! :)

4 Feb 2015 mjortman

I was running a deck very similar to this in my previous league, minus the Account Siphons. I was running 2 Atmans too, though usually 1 was enough.

Why the ZU.13 Key Master and Torch both? Is Zu for faster/cheaper installing and running? Do you find yourself Test Run/Scavenging or SMC'ing one more than the other?

Also, how do you find Code Siphon? Do you prefer it over Modded? They are both combining clicks, for money, though CS could net you more money. But it could cost more too, depending how much it cost to get through the ice. I like Modded quite a lot, but found the timing to be tricky in a deck like this, where you are using Test Run/Scavenge or SMC a lot. Maybe that's the reason for Code Siphon, is you don't have to have the program in your hand when you use it.

How are you recurring if stuff is trashed? Or do you not have a problem with that? I had a single Clone Chip in mine, but didn't find myself needing it much. I'm wondering if you also don't find much problem with trashing your breakers.

I've been thinking about going back to that deck for the store championships coming up, and this was a good read to update it some. I do like the Account Siphons in there, and will probably fit them in. I still like Atman, and may include it over Zu, though I'm still interested in your thoughts on Zu. And have you ever thought about Public Sympathy or some other + hand size card, to help put together the Test Run/Scavenge combo, as well as additional Scorch protection? Like maybe 1 Plascrete and 2 Public's, or 2 Plascrete and 1 Public? With so much draw in Diesel and Quality Time, think it would be worthwhile?

4 Feb 2015 Fictional

@mjortman The reason for both Zu and Torch is to try and cover the range of corp decks. Zu is pulled out to go up against the quicker corps and Torch is pulled out for the glacier corps. Often times Zu is pulled out first because it is easier to get out. If games go long then I can always wait for the Test Run/Scavenge combo to get out Torch. Or if R&D is iced and the corp is poor I can get it for cheap with a code siphon. But often Zu is the more common choice. I think an Atman could be good for early on when their ice is low to make your runs even more efficient. Right now my flex spots are infiltration and there is certainly other cards that can be tested out in those spots.

I don't like modded as much because i only run one of each breaker and don't always find it in hand. That's why I like code siphon because it can usually get you a discount if played early in addition to finding your program. Code Siphon can sometimes tax yourself as well though. I remember one game I played with this deck where I code siphoned and paid 9 credits just to get Corroder out because I needed it and didn't have any other tutors in hand.

My recursion is all on test run, it pulls a lot of weight in this deck. Though I don't often lose programs. With Opus I am usually making enough money that sentries don't surprise me, only tax me. And infiltration is used to scout out traps like aggressive secretary. Luckily very few people in my meta run power shutdown.

The only reason I don't run public sympathy is because it can be trashed if you are tagged, and I am always tagged.

4 Feb 2015 mjortman

Thanks for the breakdown of everything! I agree about Modded after thinking some more about it. It's like another Test Run, which is cool, because then you can save Test Run for recursion (as you said).

I'd forgotten about always being tagged, so that makes sense about Public Sympathy too.

I really like infiltration, for all the traps running around, so I'd hate to cut those.

The explanation of Zu makes sense too, especially given the number of NEH/FA style decks running around with cheap codegates now. I like that idea. I may try cutting 1 MOpus or the Quality Time for Atman and see how it goes. It seems like between a mulligan and Diesel you can get MOpus relatively quickly. Or you might get it with Test Run/SMC, if you have a breaker in hand already. I really like Atman, especially against decks running a lot of common-strength decks. It's almost like another Femme in some regards, but with more targets if they run ice with the same strength.

Again, thanks very much for the response and info. I think it's a great looking deck. Thanks for sharing it!

5 Feb 2015 Darxsen

Congrats on the win @Fictional! I like the look of this deck but did you find you needed three Plascrete Carapace? Seems with an Opus Economy Chaos Theory: Wünderkind's deck size and all the great Shaper Draw you should be fine, right? Is there a lot of Scorch in your meta?

5 Feb 2015 Four_Leaf

he probably has a lot of scorch from the looks of it. I think since the deck is full tag me style, you could do 2 given the draws and playing smart.

6 Feb 2015 Fictional

@Darxsen @Four_Leaf 3 plastered is to insure that I find it early against weyland.

9 Mar 2015 Ater

This is a great deck, been running a version of it the last few weeks at store tournaments and took first place yesterday running with a version of this deck, finishing 5-1 with it (The one loss on a stupid play error, running into a project junebug vs Weyland). I made a couple of adjustments though.

I took out the code siphons, I felt like I was always disappointed to draw them. They usually weren't need to get my rig out any faster. In there place I put in 2 more quality times which I loved. Between the diesels and them I felt like they helped get the rig out just as fast as ever, and later in the game help draw into more account siphons and same old things.

I also ended up cutting the leg works. To get the third account siphon in there. I basically just tried to enhance my general card draw to get even more siphons in. Most games I siphon at least 4-5 times, and a couple games 6 times.

I really recommend this deck, it's a lot of fun! Though people sure do get frustrated with you! Had one guy throw down his cards after the 5th siphon.

9 Mar 2015 Fictional

@Ater That's awesome, congrats on the win! I used to have 3 account siphons in the deck as well but found that legwork can help close a game out if it goes long. The third siphon is definitely better for being more aggressive earlier.

10 Aug 2015 HipsterWannabe

I just wanted to pop in here and say that this deck is still very valid in the current meta. I took it to a ANRPC tourney yesterday and went 4-1 with it. I made a few small changes, but nothing major. Every single person I played said after the game that they weren't expecting the Account Siphon's out of shaper. Also, almost everyone had to look at the card text on Code Siphon as well.

The changes I made were:

-2 Infiltration -1 Legwork +1 Emergency Shutdown +1 Quality Time +1 Self-modifying Code

I'm wasn't sure if the Emergency Shutdown was going to be worth it, but it won me a game when siphoned, then emergency shutdowned a tollbooth on a remote he though was secure, then ran it and scored the agenda.

Thank you for the deck. It is by far the most aggressive shaper deck I've played. It gets set up soooooo fast.

11 Aug 2015 Fictional

@CyberCypher That is awesome. Yeah I still use a variation of this deck too but everyone in my meta expects the account siphons from me now.

Emergency shutdown is interesting I may have to give that a try. I have made a few changes since this was posted as well. I now have two vamps and took out the sure gambles for more draw and tutors. Vamp is a beast with siphon and opus.

Congrats on doing so well.