Grimwalker 638

"Reach Out And Touch Someone"

The core concept of this deck is to turn the tables and meddle with the runner as much as possible. Uninstall their programs, wreck their grip, tax them in running, drain their accounts.

It's not a tag-storm deck. It's intended to be a tempo-disruption deck in order to create opportunities to score when the runner is trying to bounce back from their game plan.

Something Damon Stone said in an interview at Gen Con. You want in? Come in, I don't mind. I'll even let you in. These four pieces of Ice, don't worry about that, none of them are end the run.

Sweeps Week into an Invasion of Privacy. RSVP into a Data Hound or a Snoop. Close Accounts then rez City Surveillance.

I will say I don't think this archetype is ready for prime time. Tag Punishment, Tag Tax, Tag & Bag are probably better. This is an experiment in mechanics and making the runner decide whether to pay the tax in order to pressure me or not.

I'm considering more Tag Mechanics to get the runner tagged on the Corp turn, but I'm still mulling those ideas.