Whizzards Brew

Captain 48

This is my first attempt at a Whizzard deck with the new cards from Order and Chaos specifically, Gravedigger and the Flatware events. Having played an earlier version of this deck yesterday going 2-2, I see that it absolutely has potential. This is the updated version (first version had 2 force of Nature as the decoder and 2 inside job and minus one corroder) . The economy is basic prepaid with Liberated accounts for increased consitency. From experience, the economy in this deck is strong. I chose a basic anarch breaker suite with the exception of Zu.13. I don't want to have to tech against lotus field to save deck slots for my events so that is why I chose Zu.13 (and initially Force of Nature) over yog. The win conditions for this deck are economic and ice denial pressuring the corp by destroying ice and trashing key assests which fuels your grave diggers milling. I have noticed that a lack of multi-access tools is an issue. Not every card in this deck is set in stone. You could swap consoles and remove the mem strips for example. Wyldesyde is my draw engine and to mitigate the downside I chose levy to reset the deck. For piloting, I look for and mulligan for Wyldesyde as it is the engine that drives this deck. After that getting a Gravedigger in play is important. Let me know what you think. Thanks for checking it out.

4 Feb 2015 Putty

I see you also went for Spinal Modem. I keep looking at it thinking it should work given the shift away from trace in Order and Chaos. If the Draft Packs are any indication, we'll shift back into tons of trace in the next cycle.

5 Feb 2015 Captain

I'm back and forth on Spinal modem or Grimoire. Both have there advantages. Actually Grimoire could slot right into this deck no problem. Both should be tested :)