Universally Blue Explosion(inspired) 1.0

siahofmars 582

hello everyone just puttin up a new deck here inspired by, http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/14287/universally-blue-explosions-v3

this is my version with crisium grid in it to play against the infamous new eater n such in the new delux expansion order and chaos

in this version i changed some ice around, put shattered remains back in. took some of the 1 of tools i had in , out.

i would like some feedback, im still workin on it... lemme know what ya think

high-risk is so u can always pull off the sea source 2x scorch along with blue suns OAI and pull money into hand power

checkpoint is basically an end the run or , sure enter and take meat damage, steal my 3 pointer, and then i double punitive u while your hand is low or to just have a chance to kill the ive had worse in their hand.

this is my 2nd iteration of the deck. lemme know what you all think and i would love some other ideas. thanks alot