[TWA] Thawing Glaciers v1.0

Shielsy 923

Slow down speedy!

Play and ICE, protecting your Government Takeover. Advance this ICE every turn. Draw rarely. Eventually score a Glenn Station with 2 Trick of Light, then host Government Takeover on that Glenn Station using a Fast Track or maybe a Project Atlas token if you have one. You now have inevitability. Congratulations!

There are many strange things about this list, the first an foremost being that it is both a glacier deck and a fast advance deck.

You play very patiently, using most turns simply to advance ICE, gain a credit, and advance again. Sometimes you install a Constellation Protocol (and usually in ice with it) and sometimes you install a Jackson Howard (just to shuffle back those beautiful Trick of Lights or the Corporate Troubleshooter).

You will win the long game, so long as you don't take too many risks. If you score a second Glenn Station, host an agenda on it. If you draw your troubleshooter, trash something with it, regardless of the cost. You can score out of hand from only 2 credits, and a good proportion of your ICE can be rezzed for 0 once you've advanced them. This gives you a lot of resilience to Account Siphon and Vamped, and part of the reason this list gets away with playing so few economy cards.

You have Housekeeping to get you there. With Housekeeping current there's an additional angle of time pressure on the runner. Use this pressure to send your opponent into archives or a remote server for little or no value. Abuse their restricted rig to get them with your Corporate Troubleshooter, forcing them to go through your Housekeeping all over again.

There are a few stranger inclusions: Witness Tampering is rarely relevant, but your strongest tool when it is. Having bad publicity has a two-fold disadvantage: you need to invest more in your weakest central server (usually archives) to preempt multiple Data Suckers or even a Sneakdoor Beta. Bad publicity also stops you scoring NAPD Contracts out of hand, putting massive pressure on your ability to score. Cyberdex Virus Suite is also imperative to keep controlling Noise strategies at bay. It's also very good against the field in general, and in combination with your high strength ICE can lock out many runners indefinitely.

With regards to your weaknesses: that's a secret! ;)