Weyland Midrange Post O&C

DonutTaganes 2504

This is a post O&C work-in-progress Weyland Scorched list.

It packs early game punch and is able to leverage the credits off Hostile Takeovers and early transactions into impactful agendas.

Overscored Atlas helps you fetch Midseasons at will, which is even more potent with Traffic Accident in the deck.

High-Risk Investment helps to gain significant credit leads where necessary to power out Corporate Troubleshooter boosts, Ash and Checkpoint traces or Midseason traces into Scorched Earths.

CT and Archer have a great synergy, and Checkpoint in front of a Snare! or Cyberdex Virus Suite/Ash/Agenda server can be very annoying.

This is version 1.0, so everything is subject to change!

7 Feb 2015 Glitch

I like your idea behind this build, it's something similar that I was going to start testing out. There's a couple of changes that I would personally make, however.

-1 NAPD Contract +1 Private Security Force I've begun to use PSF again in my "tag storm" style decks. It adds some pressure to the runner once scored. There are no longer turns in which they can just draw up or credit up and pass in hopes of a run the next turn, you'll just snipe 3 cards from their hand. It's additional pressure with Snare! and Checkpoint. Also, with Hostile Takeover, NAPD becomes harder to score, and I hate having dead agendas in hand.

How have you found the single copy of Traffic Accident? I feel it's the type of card you either want 3 of or none of. Personally I'd swap it for a copy of Wormhole. Wormhole is such an amazing piece of ice in a deck like this because they never know what to expect from it. It's the only piece of the Galaxy ice that I would pay full cost for.

8 Feb 2015 DonutTaganes

Thanks for the comment @Glitch :)

PSF is definitely something I'd consider, but NAPD is just so good at doing what it does - sucking credits out of the runner if they want to steal it. I will rarely be wanting to score a 4/2 in the window early if given the choice between it and a 5/3, as PSF requires much the same window as a 5/3 with so much less payoff in points. That's the problem I have with 4/2s in general, and NAPD is the only one that comes close to making up for it due to the tax while installed or sitting in a central. That being said - I would certainly not be opposed to trying out PSF.

I like the one-of Traffic Accident as a way to fit in an 'extra' Scorched Earth. Because you will often be digging for double or triple Scorched Earth once you land a Midseason Replacements, having a card that essentially functions as an extra Scorched in that situation is very useful.

I'd be curious to see how you go with testing it - I'll be certain to post some of my findings as well :)