Metagamed MaxX; 1st place, Unique Gifts & Games store champs

LSK 4580

This is a MaxX list that represents almost no innovation. It's three cards different from the SlySquid list. Those cards, and explanations for their removal/inclusion:

-1 Box-E

-2 Knight

I noticed that I just never installed Box-E. Maybe this is just a difference in play style between me and SlySquid, but 4 credits and a click can be a lot to MaxX and I didn't need the memory.

Knight is a decent card in the deck but I wished it was a Corroder or D4v1d about half the time, which led to these changes:

+1 D4v1d

+1 Corroder

+1 Net Celebrity

D4v1d is useful against Blue Sun and as a cheap way to break ice that you'd otherwise have to pay a small fortune for.

Corroder makes Wraparound tolerable, and sometimes you just want to play actual icebreakers for a bit.

I anticipated a lot of Cerebral Static, so I wanted a current to counter it. Net Celebrity fit the best with the rest of the deck and is generally a card you don't mind having around. It's not great as economy - I didn't get more than 4 or 5 credits from it - but it got rid of two Cerebral Static. It did what it needed to do.

That's all I really have to say about this list that hasn't been said better by other people.

This deck went 4-0 in Swiss and 2-0 in elims at the Unique Gifts and Games store championship.