House of Blues - Curious Comics SC Winner - Feb 7th, 2015

Thike 1193

This is the deck I took to first place at a small SC in Victoria, Canada. Legal up to O&C. It was only 8 players, but there were some other very strong players there, and first place came down to a turn and a lucky R&D access. (My runner deck was the Modern Parasucker Gabe, card-for-card as seen on a few weeks ago.) This deck went 5-1 on the day of. It's not a huge showing, I know, but this deck is the culmination of what I've been playing since Blue Sun released, at Worlds, and now with Order and Chaos.

It's a pretty standard glacier + Scorched plan, with no bad publicity to enable NAPD and increase taxing. Play conservatively, get rich, goad them into overextending or just overpower their economy. I'll go over some key decisions that went into this version:

Living in a post-Order and Chaos world: A few of choices are in direct response to the first week of O&C being legal. Crisium Grid is the silver bullet for Eater-only decks, while also being useful against Criminal and Shaper run events. It didn't actually get used on the day-of, but I stand by the choice. Caduceus used to be Errand Boy, but the former is much rougher for Anarch to faceplant into, and can't be walked through with Eater. Midseason Replacements was chosen after weeks of using SEA Source for influence saving, simply because if I tried to kill someone with I've Had Worse, I wouldn't have gotten nothing out of the trace. Leaving all those tags gives me a second chance to kill and the ability to disrupt econ.

Agendas: Posted Bounty wins games. I've tried using one or two Hostile Takeover in there for a faster last point, but that alternate tag method is so valuable. High-Risk Investment used to be Priority Requisition, and I'm not 100% sure which is better, but High-Risk is certainly easier to use. In theory, both glacier and Midseason-Scorch can be beaten by having a ton of money, and this allows you to keep up. In reality, I have yet to use the token. Still a small sample size.

Other ICE: Nebula is a Grim that doesn't give me bad pub. The extra cost is negligible in Blue Sun. The dream is Wormhole-ing a Data Raven, but frankly Wormhole may be the final nail in the coffin of Yog.0's dominance. Anarch has D4V1D, but other factions will be looking elsewhere. Datapike hurts them where I want to - their credit pool - when face checked. Enigma is much less useful there. Tollbooth continues to be amazing.

Notes on playstyle: We had some neat discussion on different playstyles with Blue Sun at the end of the day. Something I very deliberately incorporate into my style is almost always bouncing my ICE. Not only does it keep my credit pool fluid, but constantly facechecking the ICE suite I'm running can be painful. What was a Hive for the past three turns is suddenly an Orion. Even against a Reina deck, that extra tax is worth paying, as having so much face down keeps the runner on the back foot. My most frequent mistake is rushing to score. You have time. Take it. Build your fortress. Them them throw themselves upon it. You're trying to overextend them, not vice versa.

So, that's my build. It basically comes from the bblum school of Blue Sun, just with the kill package still in there. I feel that it's just too valuable of a threat, and I win with at least as much as I do by scoring. I do want to explore other Blue Sun archetypes, this is just the one that will always define the identity to me: big money, big ICE, and a big gun to your head.

8 Feb 2015 Horse85

I really like this list, but I'm gonna try it with -2 Hive, +2 Changeling. Changeling doesn't turn off in the late game and demands two different breakers in the runner's rig.

8 Feb 2015 Thike

I don't say things like this often, but that change flat out wrong. I love Changeling, especially against criminals. It's often the last ICE to get cut. It's versatile, moderately taxing, and not horribly expensive. The double gear check isn't as important because this is not a fast deck.

Hive, however, is a beast. You want three copies so you get at least one early. This deck is most vulnerable in the early game, when you can't afford to rez all of your giant ICE. Having Hives around as a 6 credit tax until you are secure enough to start scoring in amazing. Sure, they turn off, but you can get your money back, use them to eat Inside Jobs, or just pad your hand. Besides, by that point in the game you have more ICE available to you, and you'd probably be pitching some anyway. If you want to drop barriers for Changeling, drop Ice Wall. Hive is just too good.

9 Feb 2015 thebriarfox

Even so, I'm still strongly tempted to -1 Hive for a Fire Wall...

9 Feb 2015 x3r0h0ur

I actually prefer Changeling myself, running 2 changeling and 1 hive in my BS deck, mostly because of PPVP kates running mimic. I could see running 2 and 2 though. I never had much trouble taxing the runner/locking them out early game. Firewall is quite nice too.

9 Feb 2015 Thike

I can see the logic behind it, and Firewall is a decent substitute, but it's not the same. PPVP Kates will be running Lady, and Hive can eat up those counters quite well. Taurus and Nebula are great punishment if someone is only running Mimic, but I may go back to Changeling over Ice Wall if PPVP Kate picks up again around here.

9 Feb 2015 Horse85

Sure, Hive costs a lot to break for most fracters. But they straight up cannot break a sentry. Seems better to me. Furthermore, when Changeling is in sentry mode, its 4 strength puts it in that sweet spot between Mimic and David, and costs 4 for Faerie to break once.

9 Feb 2015 Thike

My guess it that it comes down to style. I'd honestly rather they pay 6 for an early game access than just bounce. That's a lot of tempo.

10 Feb 2015 jamespare

Congrats on the win! I can attest to this deck ruining me twice that day if i recall correctly (i was super tired). I am going to steal some ideas from it :)

21 Feb 2015 esternaefil

To be clear, I think the actual 'dream' is Wormhole-ing a Flare, not a Data Raven.

That said, I'm curious to see how this evolves as Kim and Valencia make their way into the metagame.

21 Feb 2015 Thike

Valencia is not usually a problem. If you wanted to, you could throw in an Elizabeth Mills. But Scorched still threatens her, and placing a Boot Camp behind a OIA'd Curtain Wall or something else will get you secure.

Kim isn't much of an issue. A few accesses can turn off your kill if he gets lucky, but he still has to get in, and he's just an Anarch in that sense. Easy to glacier out. Wormhole alone poses huge problems.