Earthrise Suite: 1st place Stoke-On-Trent GtG Store Champs

Circadia 2781

"I'm sorry, ma'am, I can't find your reservation."

Andromeda stared daggers at the receptionist. "Try again," she suggested, letting an edge creep into her voice.

It was a ploy, learned from her days of dealing with the risties back on Earth, which distracted attention away from the fact that she didn't belong there. Plus, her forged reservation should have been in their system by now.

"Oh yes!" the receptionist exclaimed, relief palpable on his face. "Here it is. Welcome to the Earthrise Hotel."

A few perfunctory ID-checks later, Andromeda was seated at the extravagantly-sized desk in her room. Out the window, the Earth was but a distance blue glow on the horizon. There were a few hours left of Earthrise, before it fully crested the moon's lip and set out among the black of space.

Perfect. From this vantage point, her new stealth programs would be even harder to trace, and able to wreak even more havoc on corporate servers. She was a Ghost Runner, a shade covered by a Cloak of deepest black, a whispered bullet from a Silencer. Code Gates split would split before her, as light through a Refractor. Sentries would feel nothing as they were struck down with a flash of her Switchblade.

Andromeda set about turning various corporation's archives and ad campaigns into a veritable credit line by completing Security Testing jobs for a few undesirable individuals. She even brought her wingman, John Masanori, along for the ride.

When she needed to dial up her big guns (the Femme Fatale) to guarantee an easy Account Siphoning of the corps funds, she used a trick that Dinogirl had shown her, the Test Run. It was also perfect for recycling programs that had been inadvertently deleted.

Once her icebreakers were all online and the money flowing in, a bit of Legwork, or some sifting with R&D Interface, would get her to the data she wanted. Wingman asked her, an hour or so in, what she would do if she ran out of tricks. "Oh, you know," she responded. "Just the Same Old Thing."

Andromeda smiled and stretched, body stiff from a few hours intensive running. Everything was running like clockwork now, just as she liked it. Her account was filling with creds, and datadumps about the corporation's latest agendas flitted across Desperado's screen. She settled back in her large chair, ready for the final 2 hours of the greatest show not on Earth.

This is a stealth variation of my regional-winning Andromeda deck ( It uses Test Run for the same purpose as in that deck - a surprise Femme Fatale for deep remote cracking, or else a snap Account Siphon play. It can also fetch back programs consigned to the heap by Power Shutdown or an Aggressive Secretary.

Stealth works even better with SecTest as it turns recurring credits into real credits and cards with John. Winning conditions remain the same, get an R&DI online and see new cards whenever you can for dirt cheap, threaten remote access whenever you feel like it, and Legwork into HQ when there's cards in there you haven't seen.

Earthrise Hotel is great in this deck as you need a lot of pieces to make it all come into place, but you want to be doing other things while the cards are coming to you so the clickless draw is perfect. Go SecTest archives or Bank Job a remote while the cards are coming.

This deck went 3-2 in the swiss (winning against Blue Sun, Personal Evolution, and ETF, and losing to an NEH of the Scorch variety, and a timed loss against Astrobiotics NEH.) It fared better in the top 4 cut, where it went undefeated against Blue Sun and the same NEH Scorch deck.