Our Hedge Funds are Unsinkable!** 4.0

CodeMarvelous 19688

Here is my newest version of this deck.

2 crisium grids are super important to this deck.

I went up to 3 mark yales he is a great boon for the econ and when people dirty laundry him I can immediately pop him like jackson howard to destroy the server.

I added one hostile take over so that if I complete the atlas train I can use the atlas tutor to find the hostile and win the next turn.

One matrix analyzer seems to be the correct number.

added a lotus field for a non d4v1d non parasite ETR.

other than that, this deck has been performing very well for me and I am enjoying it a great deal.

its about 15/20 which I would say is par for the course considering how many new runner decks I am coming across due to the anarch infusion.

Always trying to make it better let me know what you think.

I am considering cutting Orion but I feel dirty not having it in my space deck.

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9 Feb 2015 Oisin

I've been playing this with one Biotic Labor in place of the Matrix, Lotus, and one Jackson. I am hesitant to give that up. Is the Matrix Analyzer a bluff?

9 Feb 2015 Dspin0212

it lets me put advancement counters down while they are running which can further reduce the cost of the ice

9 Feb 2015 Oisin

Ok. I would be tempted to save the influence, but I haven't tried the card, so I am likely underestimating it.

9 Feb 2015 cdwolstenholme

I'm playing SanSan. If you can keep it from being trashed you can atlas train+ hostile/firmware in 4 turns

9 Feb 2015 locusshifter

@CodeMarvelous I also asked in the previous version, but since this is now up I will ask here: Have you played against Valencia and her hand shrinking nonsense? If you did, how did it go?

9 Feb 2015 CodeMarvelous

went pretty well if you can weather the storm. My version now runs a singleton elizabeth mills

9 Feb 2015 locusshifter

"Weather the storm". One of our regulars used the exact same words when I asked him about Valencia. Interesting. Thanks for the feedback.

Do you think Boot Camp would have any use in a build like this?

9 Feb 2015 cdwolstenholme

@locusshifter my partner is playing valencia a lot at the moment and between blackmail, planned assault, same old thing and deja vu, weathering the storm just didn't work. I eventually put 2 Exec boot camp's in just to counter valencia and it worked really well. I would say that is essential in a SanSan version of this deck that I run, but in this deck using only ToL it's probably unnecessary

9 Feb 2015 CodeMarvelous

Exec boot camp is a good play if you are up against a lot of valencia

9 Feb 2015 locusshifter

Thanks for the feedback guys. I really just need to play Vs Valencia more. I really do not have a feel for her pacing or consistency yet.

9 Feb 2015 DarkMite2

I noticed that you mentioned adding 1x Elizabeth Mills, but I don't see it. What did you subtract to make her fit & is she important in a meta without Valencia. (We are a MaXx / Noise heavy meta)

9 Feb 2015 CodeMarvelous

an ice wall

10 Feb 2015 Dzerards

If you are running space ice then Executive Boot Camp is also great against Leela. Bouncing a 5 advanced, unrezzed Orion back to hand is so painful!

10 Feb 2015 DarkMite2

I think since Eater is more of a threat in my area, I'll add Will-o-Wisp instead of Elizabeth Mills.

10 Feb 2015 DarkMite2

Never mind, I'll just add a third Crisium Grid. =)

11 Feb 2015 xarlstaunzund

I will second @Dzerards thought. Boot Camp is great against Leela. Just added a copy to my Transnational (which runs SanSan for FA).

12 Feb 2015 Jaggerbyte

I put in snares & space camp only 1 jackson and no anializer.

18 Feb 2015 HyveMynd

So I've played against and with this deck for the past three days during lunch breaks. We must be piloting it wrong, because the runner is absolutely stomping all over it. (It's a Ken Temma + Oracle May dek if that matters.) We can usually rez Asteroid Belt, Wormholee, and Nebulala for nothing, but those single subroutines don't seem to do much.

Any advice on how to pilot this thing?

18 Feb 2015 cdwolstenholme

@HyveMynd it plays very similar to NEH FA. Burn through the deck to find the pieces for the first FA and get the first Atlas out. R&D doesn't need to be as heavily protected because you can always atlas counter through a lock, but you really don't want an atlas to be stolen (like astroscript). HQ will tend to fill up with agendas that you don't want to score, so try to keep a jackson available to use. I personally would swap out 2 HRI for 1 Gov takeover to lower the agenda density. A good strategy to keep Atlases from being stolen while you don't have the TOL's is to put them in archives, then Jackson them back when you want them and Atlas token to get them in hand.

As I said above I prefer SanSan city Grid, because you only need to find one and then protect it to score all the points in 4 turns, rather than havign to find a TOL to score each Atlas.

For space ICE I find them too slow if they are the only ICE on a server (especially a central). I will always try and play Ice wall/Lotus Field/Enigma (not in this deck but in mine) and play a space ICE outside of that so that I can keep the runner out while I advance the space ICE.

25 Feb 2015 ODie

I've been meaning to build a Titan Trick deck for a while and found v3.0, agree with the changes between that and v4.0 adding the Lotus Field, etc.

Expecting low econ Anarch builds to be around a fair bit, I shifted the Agenda away from the High Risk Investments to add in one Priority Requisition and one Eden Fragment, and finding BP to be fairly toxic to the deck if any Constellation ice gets Femmed, so swapped out the Geothermal Fracking for NAPD Contract.

I found the credits to be really tight on this version though, so made a couple of modifications:

-2 Crisium Grid

+2 Constellation Protocol

moving advancement tokens across ice is amazingly useful

-3 Commercialization

+3 Beanstalk Royalties

rarely did I have more than three tokens on any ice, so the payout on the Royalties is equivalent but not conditional

-1 Mark Yale

-1 Jackson Howard

+2 Paywall Implementation

the Runner -is- going to get in, so making money from that can help - there are times when I was wishing that I had Pop-up Window on, say, HQ to make just that run into a 3[credit] differential

LMK if you agree with any of these changes; you commented that Crisium is crucial to the deck but I'm struggling to understand why, for example.

26 Feb 2015 cdwolstenholme

@ODie BP is absolutely toxic, but that is the point of Mark Yale. With him Geothermal fracking nets 9 with no BP.

Crisium is important for a lot of card effects, crisium on HQ prevents AS, shutdown and a bunch of other effects, especially useful against eater, and a crisium on R&D prevents eater/keyholing

13 Apr 2015 Wookiee

I know you've moved to the scorching version, but any suggestions for The Valley? I didn't really see anything worth adding.