MaxX Doesn't Care (Gamers Den Store Champ, 1st Place)

Fictional 1522

This deck helped me win me the Gamers Den Store Championship in Cambridge, MN on 2/8/15 (21 people). It went 5-4 on the day through five rounds of swiss and a cut to top eight.

This deck was a combination of a Maxx deck I created (and failed with) and was then modified with inspiration from SlySquids Mother F****** Deck. It is built to be as fast and as threatening as possible. Trying to threaten all servers and do as much damage as you can through Keyhole, Wanton Destruction, Account Siphon, and Singularity along with the cutlery.

Ultimately the deck only won about half its games. It was unreliable, sometimes milling all the wrong cards. But sometimes it would get off to incredible starts and games were put easily in my control. It lost 3 games during swiss and lost the first game of the top eight cut forcing me to come back from the losers bracket early on. But luckily once I got to the final table it came through for me getting off to a good start and forcing a game two where my corp was able to close it out.

The unpredictability of MaxX's ability will probably keep me away from using her too much in the future, when the mills are good I think she is very tough to beat, but those few games where you get off to a slow start or your mills don't work out can put you far behind.