Brain Fart v3.2 Games of Berkeley Feb Tournament 1st Place

LazerDoofus 1532

This is the runner deck I've been playing since I saw the Polish National Champion play something very similar on the Worlds Stream.

The reason I love this deck is that it has an equally good match up against literally every popular corp. Stimhack makes it easy to trash San Sans, Oversighted Curtain Walls, and IT Departments as well as blowing open any scoring window the corp might think they have.

Mimic on Dinosaurus is a monster against every corp but Weyland (thanks archer) and then you just put Femme on Dino and still break every sentry very cheaply

Record during the tournament was 4-0, record in my last ten games with it is 9-1

11 Feb 2015 moistloaf

Does Inside Job pull its weight of 3 influence? I'd be tempted to -1 IJ -1 HQI -1 SOT +2 Legwork +1 Hades/Utopia

11 Feb 2015 LazerDoofus

Inside Job is an important piece of the deck. Some credits an inside job and an SMC get you into any 2 ICE Server and I can't even tell you how many asrtos I've stolen with it goin purposely down to zero creds early against NBN with no breakers out to make them think they have a scoring window.

12 Feb 2015 weepinggorilla

I love this! Sweet and simple, but with a surprise inside job! Can't wait to try it out.

Thoughts on Chaos Theory over Kate for this build? What do you generally put on dinosaurus? Is two plascretes necessary? Thanks for sharing.

13 Feb 2015 Skillet_135

Thanks @TheYoYoGuy! Love this! How is the matchup against RP?

14 Feb 2015 LazerDoofus

@Skillet_135 RP is not a bad match up for this because it gets set up before RP has the chance too, but it isn't easy because RP is tough for everyone but Valencia imo

@weepinggorilla I prefer the smaller deck size for more consistency and the no need for mem chips so you can quick rig against NEH. As for Dino put Mimic on there unless you think there might be Archers around then put Femme on Dino

17 Feb 2015 Skillet_135

@TheYoYoGuy I have been testing the deck out and love it so far. My one problem has been the times that I have not drawn into a Personal Workshop early. There have been games where I have used two Quality Time and a Diesel and still not seen a Personal Workshop.

What do you do in these games? Do you usually just plow ahead and hard install the Magnum Opus and let that carry you through?

13 Apr 2015 LazerDoofus

@Skillet_135 Yeah sometimes you just have to work with no Workshop, but the deck still totally works without it you just have to be a little more thoughtful with your quality times so you don't discard key cards you'll need later

Working on a new version of this list that includes Clot and tech to make it better against Glacier decks, I'll post a link to the new version in the comments here when I'm done testing it

13 May 2015 zzzzzuu

Think I want to state that this deck is a shining example for new players. Even though you may not have all the data packs, you can still pack a punch!

Hell, you don't even need 2 core sets for this deck!

23 Feb 2016 theface

I love how this runs except without the workshop. No workshop seems to create economy issues for me. It won't always happen, of course, and that's just part of a card game, but sometimes it feels like Gamble + Opus isn't enough econ.

On another note, I don't find myself using Test Run that much.

23 Feb 2016 theface

Crazy that something a year old is still this fun, often relatively effective, and legal!