Who Shot Mr. Burns v5 Games of Berkeley Feb Tournament 1st

LazerDoofus 1532

So this deck still only has 6 games so far with a record of 4-2 (2-2 in tournament play) mainly due to my inexperience with it.

The main idea is to make the runner take so many tags they have to take meat damage from your agendas which makes Punitive incredibly deadly. To have success with this build you need to play very very aggressively, think OG supermodernism style, where you start setting a remote before you cover all your centrals because you want to force the runner into a situation where they have to let you score or risk death on your next turn.

This decks has struggled a bit against Stealth Criminal and New School Anarchs hitting turn one Keyholes, but I'm betting that can be chalked up to my inexperience with the deck. So far I'm very happy with where this deck is starting but I'd be happy to hear any suggestions you may have.

10 Feb 2015 LastTriceratops

No room for Dedicated Response Team? It seems like it'd synchronize really well with Manhunt. Also, how do you find your money holding up?