Maxxed out

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Took this to our local tournament this past weekend, ended up going 2-1 with this deck getting me the 5-1 I needed to place first. I started off by using Slysquids deck as a base and making some changes based on our local meta.

Changes: Dropped 1x Knight: Replaced with 1x D4v1d to handle Curtain Wall and similar ice Dropped 3x Joshua B: Replaced with 1x Wanton Destruction, 1x Retrival Run, 1x Singularity. While the extra click is nice, I didn't want to leave myself hanging out for the scorched kill.

The only game I lost was to NEH:FA but it was a close game. I have already started making changes to this deck and am planning to post up the revisions after some more playtesting.

12 Feb 2015 rumirumirumirumi

What were the corp decks you faced, and how did those games progress? Did you have any trouble against Crisium Grid or scoring remotes?

12 Feb 2015 Twitch

I ended up facing a NEHBiotic build and an Argus Cambridge deck. The other game I was supposed to play my opponent conceded the game to me. The NEH game was close, but once he got the astro train rolling it was inevitible. The Argus Cambridge game was a crushing win as I femmed his one piece of ice and went to town with Keyhole. I am looking forward to trying this out my updated version of this deck as I really feel that with some minor tweaks it will be strong.

12 Feb 2015 Twitch

Also I never ended up seeing a Crisium Grid in any of my games. As far as scoring remotes go it would be difficult if there were 2 or more ice in front of the server. Singularity exists to deal with this situations.