Empathy v1.0

ItJustGotRielle 2923

More to come on this, still playtesting but very successful thusfar. You want Supplier early, and if you get it, you can Hostage for Kati or Scrubber depending on how aggressive you need to be. All the excess memory powers Overmind, and when it or D4v1d are depleted of counters, Uninstall them and then reinstall. Focus HQ for pressure, if they don't rez trash asset with Scrubber/Kim trash operations/Imp trash ice.

This deck is able to be very aggressive, since running naked you are a threat; your ability threatens the Corp's flow through card trashing. You may only access ice, but this is what Imp is for. Make sure you stay at a good tempo, and do not burn yourself out! You are not a one turn power runner like some anarchs; instead, you want to run once per turn (sometimes twice if fishing for Operations) and keep building your board state. This will make the corp feel their remote plays are unsafe and make them use recursion (Jackson) to recycle agendas, or dig through their deck for ice and econ to try and rush agendas out quickly. Both of these can be capitalized on by this deck. Let me know what you think, I'll continue to test this!

16 Feb 2015 bluebird503

@ItJustGotRielle What is the purpose of archives interface in this list?

17 Feb 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@bluebird503 It has since been removed. It's a cute thing to do; its original purpose was to RFG fast-advance tools after trashing them (Biotic, Sansan, Trick of Light) as a way to bottleneck fast-advance decks, but I have found it's just not ideal for the deck and instead focused more on R&D and HQ, and always maintaining a board state that can remote snipe. I'm holding off on publishing what I'm working with so far until after store champs, since I plan on attending 4 in the next 4 weeks.

17 Feb 2015 trafalco

Just lost to this one on OCTGN, great game :)