Argus Rush 2.0

AndytheLovell 464

This is a pretty classic tag'n'bag build based off a GRNDL deck that was Tier 1 fun even if not Tier 1 in terms of tournament play.

The aim is to make centrals as taxing and/or click intensive as possible to deter runs in light of Argus' ability while building a cheap scoring server to rush out Atlas and Cleaners.

Early on I want to see Data Ravens for HQ / RnD and then and end the run for Melange in the scoring server. From there just take credits, build servers and wait for Atlas to show up. The ICE is all quite cheap to enable a huge Midseasons when the time is right.

Due to most of the ETR ICE being quite low strength it can struggle against runners who get a full rig up quickly so it's packing Shutdowns, Nebula and Archer to try and stave them off as long as possible.

Appreciate critique in how it can be stronger and/or more fun to play.