Counterstrike Force

Pinkwarrior 2278

So after playing a fair few games with this thing i was amazed.

Firstly that it worked & it actually beat Maxx i am assuming this was due to the size of the deck and low agenda density.

Secondly i was amazed at the record damage it was able to pull off one runner went face first into a 6 advanced Project Junebug that was funny if a little silly on his part and another got double Punitive Counterstrike through a Plascrete both thanks to Government Takeover. Although with the Project Junebug it was merely cos it existed rather than because it was in the deck.

The decks alittle slow however its fun to play & not draining like some other slow decks . At times i wouldn't see much ICE early on & if your unlucky you may see your agendas tho usually you'll be safe.

But maybe it needs some work in tho's areas also cash flow can be an iffy issue tho i did manage to score a GRNDL Refinery for 7 in one game and that sorted my cash flow for the rest of that game.

14 Feb 2015 Myriad

59 Cards? I too like to live dangerously...

14 Feb 2015 W4lt3r B15h0p

In a world where MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock has gone main stream, i can see that a larger deck size could be her bane. Bravo! The deck does seem a bit light on burst econ. Is there any way you could squeeze in Beanstalk Royalties and/or Restructure? Another option is to drop one of The Cleaners in favor of one Government Contracts.

14 Feb 2015 Pinkwarrior

@fhduff Yeah i could probably squeeze some more burst in somewhere Paywall Implementation can be useless at times if their not running much so that could be a good trade. i like the idea of trading some agendas for Government Contracts that could be a good idea.

15 Feb 2015 moistloaf

why Argus here? I don't see the ability being relevant. Is the theory that they either take 2 meat making it easier to PC them or spend a click and 2c clearing the tag making it easier to win the trace? I don't think you're getting value out of Argus here

15 Feb 2015 Pinkwarrior

@moistloaf The point of Argus is that that it makes it easier to kill them either though card tax or money tax or if they play badly they activate the kill for me.

I see the ID as more of a bonus though to losing an agenda I've tried capitalizing on the ID with lots of low point agendas but that just don't work well in my experience. This way has proven to work better for me despite it not going off as much its more important when it dose it's at a critical time if you get me.

I hope that helps explain it. It may work better with a different ID though it maybe worth exploring that.